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7 Reasons to Quit Smoking ...

By Melanie

Smoking is gross. I have never done it and will never do it in my life. There are many reasons to this. Below, I am going to give you 7 reasons to quit smoking …

7 It’s Not Attractive

It’s Not AttractivePhoto Credit: ::big daddy k::

I definitely do not think smoking is attractive. It’s not attractive for males or females. When I see that someone smokes, it is a complete turn off. Sure, you can say otherwise, but nothing is going to change my opinion on this situation.

6 You Smell like an Ashtray

People who smoke tend to smell like an ashtray. They say that the way a person smells can attract others, but I am not sure if this goes for those that smell like they fell into an ashtray.


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5 You Taste like an Ashtray

You Taste like an AshtrayPhoto Credit: MatanRadin

When someone kisses you, do you want them to have to taste an ashtray? When you smoke, either way you stack it, your kiss is not going to be a pleasant one. Sorry, I just had to put it to you like that.

4 It’s Not Good for Your Skin

It’s Not Good for Your SkinPhoto Credit: Stephen ~

Smoking is certainly not good for your skin. Did you know that it can cause you to have dry skin and wrinkles sooner in life? Yep, that’s another good reason to quit smoking, don’t you think?

3 It Causes Your Nails to Turn Yellow

It Causes Your Nails to Turn YellowPhoto Credit: LaurentBatailley

Have you ever noticed how smokers tend to have yellow nails? This isn’t really cool looking and I think it is a good reason to quit smoking.

2 The People around You

If you do not care about yourself and your own health, what about the people around you? Surely, you care about them. If you live with children, then you should think about them. Secondhand smoke is no good for people.

1 It Can Cause Cancer

Smoking can cause cancer and surely, you know this by now. It is something that has been stated by professionals and there is evidence backing this up. When you smoke, you increase the risk of getting cancer.

These are 7 reasons to quit smoking. Remember, you should think about those that are around you. Also, if you want to live a long, healthy life – this is a reason to quit smoking. So have you kicked this habit? Do you have a success story to tell?

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