7 Reasons to Use Netflix ...


7 Reasons to Use Netflix ...
7 Reasons to Use Netflix ...

Netflix is one of my favorite legal ways to watch movies for a low cost. All you need is a computer and fast Internet to use it. You can pick any video or new movie to watch anytime. Please read my blog on 7 Reasons to Use Netflix!

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Fast Streaming!

Fast Streaming! Photo Credit: stottsan

The streaming to the Netflix is fast and doesn't glitch. You just need to have a good internet provider and a computer to run it. You also can rewind to a spot you missed. What can be better online and with a low price?


Low Prices

Low Prices Photo Credit: Boyce Duprey

You only pay a monthly fee of 14.99. You get to watch tons of movies that came out and enjoy them on your computer. The price is much better than old rental video stores that charge a five day fee and charge five or more dollars.


View It on the X Box 360

You can use the x box 360. This is good for your kids or even yourself, because you can hook to the TV easy. You can connect the computer to the TV, but the x box allows HD graphics. You can log in easy through the x box interface and stream it through the Netflix option.


Watch New Releases

Watch New Releases Photo Credit: fallenposters

The latest movies come out and you get to stream them without hassle. You also don't have to worry about the movie being out. How good is that? This is very good considering all these video stores don't have unlimited copies.


No Ads or Problems

No Ads or Problems Photo Credit: Vis-a-vis Creative

You can watch the movie without ads and avoid stupid pop ups. You also don't have to worry about malware and viruses. Netflix shows nothing but the movie and the description of the movie.


Different Size Screens

Different Size Screens Photo Credit: Jessica-Hannah

The screen can be resized and help you view the picture with a good clear image. You want bigger picture, you can watch it on your TV at good pixel ratings. Who wants to watch a small screen like most free movies do?



Quality Photo Credit: stevegarfield

The quality of the picture is important to me. You need to be able to watch what goes on in the movie. If you watch a dark movie, the viewer helps you see it better. The image isn't messed up and the sound is one hundred percent on time. No one likes dubbed sound or bad video quality. It's like watching a Japanese movie if you have dub or missed sound.

Netflix is a good way to get family together for an activity during any hour of the day. You won't find any other way to get a movie day going! Netflix helps you have movies anywhere as long as you have the Internet. Do you have a Netflix account?

Top Photo Credit: Netflix Fan

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Oh yeah, I LOVE having Netflix. In fact, I spend more time watching Netflix with my Wii streaming disc than I spend watching standard cable television Also, if you're a classic movie buff, lots of them are available for instant streaming/instant queue. And lots of television programs are available, for delivery or for streaming. I watch lots of Gangland with my streaming disc, there are lots of classic TV programs available for IQ (I have Dragnet and Leave It to Beaver on mine), and then there are shows that I used to watch with some level of regularity that I haven't watched in awhile, that I wanna get caught up on, or shows that I always wanted to watch and never have gotten the chance.

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