8 Reasons to Be Nice to Your Neighbours ...

Sometimes you barely even know who your neighbours are, especially if you live in a city. However, it’s well worth getting to know them a little, even if they’re not the kind of people you want to be best friends with. There are lots of reasons why it can be to your advantage, so here’s why you should be nice to your neighbours …

1. They’re Useful

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When you go on vacation, and need someone to water your plants or feed your cat, who better than your neighbours? They’re conveniently close by, and can also keep an eye on your house. Plus if you need local information, or the number of a good plumber, they’re likely to know.

2. Goodwill

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If you are pleasant and helpful to them, your neighbours are more likely to do you favours when you need them. When you have a problem or need to borrow something, it’s quick and easy to pop upstairs or next door.

3. Atmosphere

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It’s always more pleasant when you get along with your neighbours. Fall out with them, and meeting on the stairs will not be fun. Providing they’re not really inconsiderate, it’s worth overlooking a few minor annoyances, as there are bound to be some when you live close to others.

4. Evenings out

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If you get invited round for the evening, and your neighbours are generous with their drinks, it’s not far to stagger home. Nor do you need to pay for a taxi!

5. Do Your Bit

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If your neighbours are elderly, then keep an eye on them. It won’t cost you much effort to pick up a few things for them when you go to the supermarket, or put their garbage bins out, and such little things could make a lot of difference to them.

6. Contact

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These days many of us live a long way from family, and work may allow little time for socialising. If you are on speaking terms with your neighbours, having a chat with them can brighten your day. You may even become friends, or be introduced to others through them.

7. Free Gifts

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If your neighbours have a garden and grow their own fruit/vegetables, they may well pass on some lovely home-grown goodies if you’ve been nice to them? Or if they have any unwanted goods, you may be get first refusal.

8. Parcel Depot

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Do you work all day? If so, this is where neighbours can be extremely useful (especially older neighbours). They can take in parcels and other deliveries, thus saving you a trip to pick up your parcels, or trying to rearrange deliveries.

Do you know and get on with your neighbours? How do you help each other out?

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