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7 Reasons Fast Internet Access is a Must for a Growing Business ...

By Melanie

I am telling you that if you are thinking about starting a business online, you cannot use dial up. Doing the things you need for a growing business on slow Internet will be complicated, if not impossible. Below, I am going to give you 7 reasons fast Internet access is a must for a growing business.

7 Submitting Work

Submitting WorkPhoto Credit: isayx3

I could not imagine submitting my articles on a slow connection. If I did not have a fast Internet connection, I’m not sure what I would be doing to submit work.

6 Uploading and Downloading

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Uploading and downloading is definitely needed when you are a growing business. Have you ever tried to download something on dial up? It’s no fun. That is why you need to have a fast Internet connection.

5 Working on a Website

Working on a WebsitePhoto Credit: isayx3

Have you ever tried to work on a website with dial up? It’s impossible. It takes forever. A business has to have a website and if you are making your own, then a fast connection will be needed.

4 Video Conference

Video ConferencePhoto Credit: aranarth

From time to time, you may need to have a video conference with a client. That’s okay, because with fast Internet, you will be able to have that video conference.

3 Messaging

You can message when you have slow Internet connection, but it makes things more complicated. With fast Internet, you can do instant messaging straight through your browser, without downloading the program. Gmail and Yahoo have a messenger built into their browser.

2 Online Applications

Online ApplicationsPhoto Credit: angrykeyboarder

Instead of cluttering your computer up with all kinds of applications, why not take advantage of those online applications. With fast Internet, your business will prosper with the many online applications that are available online.

1 Online Storage

Online StoragePhoto Credit: Extra Ketchup

When you have fast Internet, it will be easier to store stuff online. This is much better than keeping it all on your computer. It is also a good way to backup your computer.

Those are my 7 reasons fast Internet is a must for a growing business. Again, I could not imagine doing the things that I now do online with a slow connection. I definitely have to have a fast connection to do anything. Are you able to think of any other reasons?

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