Top 26 Action Movies of All Time ...

I love action movies, the more raucous car chases, thrilling suspense, incredible fight scenes, and gratuitous stuff blowing up, the better! With advances in CGI and stunts and other technologies, action movies are getting better and better… but every once in a while, I’ll be pumped about the release of a new acrion film, and I’ll be so disappointed! For example, I was really looking forward to this summer’s “The Last Airbender” because I love most of the other movies M. Night Shyamalan has done… but it was awful! And I was also really excited to see “Inception,” but even I was delighted with how suspenseful and action-packed it was! After much debate with lots of my friends, male and female, I’ve developed this end-all, be-all list of my favorite action movies… bear in mind, I am a girl, so not all of these action movies will appeal to hard-core guy fans… but here goes! This is my list of the (roughly) 20 best action movies. Please note these are in alphabetical order, not in the order of how fantastic they are.

1. 300

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This action movie has it all, from incredible CGI abs to a damn-the-odds final battle. The entire look and feel of the movie is computer-generated, but it’s still a fun, gory thrill ride. Purists might be offended, but the rest of us will just revel in the blood and guts and start our new workout immediately.

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