Top 10 Most Adorable Movie Couples ...


Top 10 Most Adorable Movie Couples ...
Top 10 Most Adorable Movie Couples ...

We’ve all seen them, the movie couples that make our hearts melt and our eyes misty. The ones that struggle, yet somehow prevail and live happily ever after. Well these are my top 10 most adorable movie couples. They wormed their way into my heart and I know you’ll love them too.

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Wall-E and Eve: Wall-E

Wall-E and Eve: Wall-E Photo Credit: Anastasia Volkova Photography

She may have been cold and distant in the beginning but Eve and Wall-E are the two most adorable little robots in love that I have ever seen. It may sound cheesy but Disney Pixar broke my heart with little Wall-E and his need to hold someone’s hand. In a not so classic love story between two robots, Wall-E and Eve take cuteness to a whole new level.


Gigi and Alex: He’s Just Not That into You

Gigi and Alex: He’s Just Not That into You Photo Credit: ♥ fashionclubextra =(^.^)= ♥

Alex starts of as the well intentioned jerk that is going to make a somewhat eccentric and obsessive Gigi see the error in wearing her heart on her sleeve. Little does he know that Gigi is going to be the one that’s teaching him. The scene at her apartment door is one of my all time favorites! It’s just so sweet and touching!


Noah and Allie: the Notebook

Noah and Allie: the Notebook Photo Credit: Reinvent love again ♥

Whether they are young or old Allie and Noah had an amazing chemistry. With flashbacks that made you tingle with anticipation of new love and present pieces that showed you true devotion it was impossible to keep your eyes dry during this movie. Plus that kissing scene in the rain made every girl in the theater swoon.


Juno and Bleeker: Juno

Juno and Bleeker: Juno Photo Credit: quien? who?

Their love story was unconventional yet still cute. Bleeker was an unusual sort of kid that just wanted to get by and seemed a little bit… adorkable... and Juno was a teenage girl that was dealing with things way beyond her maturity level. Somehow through the trials and tribulations of pregnancy and adoption they both find time to admit that they do like each other. They did sleep together after all.


Lucy and Jude: across the Universe

Lucy and Jude: across the Universe Photo Credit: yahwee

Love, war, deportation, and song, through all of it we see just how cute and in love Lucy and Jude are. Even when they fought, we could see it. And it always breaks my heart when Jude is sitting on the water reading the paper and thinking that he’s lost the girl he loves. Plus their adventures are fun to watch even if they are… trippy.


Peter and Rachel: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Peter and Rachel: Forgetting Sarah Marshall Photo Credit: deejaydrahos

When Rachel meets Peter he is absolutely heart broken over his break up with his girlfriend Sarah Marshall. Yet somehow despite all of the craziness that happens at the hotel and Rachel’s somewhat standoffish attitude about relationships, they fall in love. I find this one adorable because it’s real. Nothing is ever perfect but they make it work anyway.


Will and April: Definitely, Maybe

Will and April: Definitely, Maybe Photo Credit: astromalaysia

Maybe it’s the chemistry and horrible timing in the relationship between Will and April, but this couple makes my heart absolutely drop every time I see this movie. When he hands her the book, when he shows up at the door with his daughter, every one of these moments make me go AWWW!


Scott and Ramona: Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

Scott and Ramona: Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World Photo Credit: christopher_aquino

It’s a new couple on the movie scene but I absolutely love them. Ramona is sort of… mean to Scott who is absolutely infatuated with her. He’s willing to fight a league of seven guys that want to kill him all to be with her. And what is more adorable than acts of violence in the name of love?


Andrew (Largeman) and Sam: Garden State

Andrew (Largeman) and Sam: Garden State Photo Credit: nikita

Sam is a pathological liar and Largeman is so used to being numb he doesn’t even know how to live. But somehow these to people find a way to love each other in the craziness that is life. I find it adorable that two people who are so… messed up by normal standards just fall in love with each other and make it happen like it’s the easiest thing in the world.


Zia and Mikal: Wristcutters, a Love Story

Zia and Mikal: Wristcutters, a Love Story Photo Credit: Kaitlyn_Norton

Although Sam and Largeman are messed up, they can’t even begin to touch Zia and Mikal. Both have “offed” themselves and are now on a quest to find the girl that Zia was in love with when he was alive. The only problem is, he and Mikal kind of stumble into love along the way. It’s an unconventionally sweet story that still gives me the warm and fuzzies.

Well ladies these are my adorable movie couples. What movie couples make you say aww? What makes an adorable movie couple? Let me know down below!

Top Photo Credit: zUdio

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wot??????????? how can edmond dantess and mercedez not be on this list. havent anyone seen d movie,the count of monte cristo????????????????


I totaly agree with Noah and Allie, i think that was the best romantic movies i evr seen, and i cried at the end with the old couple. Great choices

will and april .. ❤️

BENNY AND JOON lol. Joon has Paranoid Schizophrenia and benny seems to think hes charlie chaplain, but together they can get through anything. cathy and heathcliffe from wuthering heights are great too, but i wouldnt call them adorable lol.

Hazel and gus from tfios should have been on there in my opinon

Wall-E and Eve Just adoreable.

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