8 Great Movie Sidekicks ...

In every movie ever made, there is ALWAYS a hero. And, if that hero is a decent human being (which I'm pretty sure is in the job description of being a hero) that hero has a best friend or silly coworker that comes along on their adventures and acts like a sidekick. The following list is of the best sidekicks any hero could ever want beside them. Here are 8 great movie sidekicks!

1. Ed: Shaun of the Dead

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Sure, Ed tends to mess up a lot and generally loaf around for the first 30 minutes of the movie, but when it comes right down to it, he always has Sean's best interest at heart. He keeps his friend's spirits up and keeps him laughing. And, in the end it's Ed that winds up the hero. I applaud this lazy screw up and dub him the best sidekick to have around. EVER.

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