8 Great Movie Sidekicks ...


8 Great Movie Sidekicks ...
8 Great Movie Sidekicks ...

In every movie ever made, there is ALWAYS a hero. And, if that hero is a decent human being (which I'm pretty sure is in the job description of being a hero) that hero has a best friend or silly coworker that comes along on their adventures and acts like a sidekick. The following list is of the best sidekicks any hero could ever want beside them. Here are 8 great movie sidekicks!

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Ed: Shaun of the Dead

Sure, Ed tends to mess up a lot and generally loaf around for the first 30 minutes of the movie, but when it comes right down to it, he always has Sean's best interest at heart. He keeps his friend's spirits up and keeps him laughing. And, in the end it's Ed that winds up the hero. I applaud this lazy screw up and dub him the best sidekick to have around. EVER.


Dante: Grandma's Boy

Dante: Grandma's Boy Photo Credit: Legendary Classic

For all intents and purposes, Dante is the biggest stoner side kick anyone could ever have. And although Jeff plays a more prominent role in Alex's sidekick show, Dante is the one that Alex comes to first making him, the honorary sidekick of the movie. Plus, his little one liners and ideas about home security keep me laughing.


Red: Pineapple Express

Red: Pineapple Express Photo Credit: this_fight

Red is... well, Dale and Saul's arch-nemesis-informant-turned-sidekick. He should really be dead by the end of the movie, but instead he's sitting at the dinner enjoying the company of the movie's heroes while bleeding from the ears. But what makes him the best movie sidekick? The fact that no matter how much it seems like he's chickening out, he always come back when you need him.


Cal Naughton Jr.: Talladega Nights

Cal Naughton Jr.: Talladega Nights Photo Credit: 98Kahnefan

John C. Riley and Will Ferrell make the perfect movie sidekick/hero combination. John C. Riley is willing to let Will Ferrell have all the glory. Even if he does branch out on his own for a little bit, like a truly loyal best friend, he comes back just in time to help Will Ferrell out when he needs him the most.


Goose: Top Gun

Goose: Top Gun Photo Credit: Pikturz

Goose is the definition of a sidekick. He rode along with Maverick as his wing-man, helped him pick up chicks, and gave him advice up until he died. What more could you ask for in a sidekick? The answer: absolutely nothing!

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Sam: I Am Legend

Sam: I Am Legend Photo Credit: Pineapples101

For not having a single line in the whole movie this man's best friend *ahem* excuse me, ONLY friend is the best sidekick Will Smith could ask for. Sam follows him around everywhere, give him those little gazes that Will Smith interprets as well... whatever he wants. But all in all, Sam is a pretty good sidekick for a guy that doesn't have anyone else.


Cameron: Ferris Bueller's Day off

Cameron: Ferris Bueller's Day off Photo Credit: Pikturz

I don't know about you ladies but I always thought that Ferris Bueller had kind of a holier than thou attitude. I always associated more with Cameron, the poor best friend that was depressed and had a crush on his best friend's girl. But still, Cameron goes with all of Bueller's plans which makes him one darn good sidekick.


Sam: Casablanca

Although his role was basically summed up by piano playing link to Rick's past, Sam was for all intents and purposes Rick's only friend and confidante. He's not the most obvious choice, but Sam was the only person other than Ilsa that Rick cared about!

Well ladies these are my favorite sidekicks, the best sidekicks that were ever written. Who are some of yours? Let me know down below!

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i totally agree, cameron was much more relatable than ferris who seemed to have a blessed teenage life where nothing could go wrong. btw, i never could get over his girlfriend's awful bermuda shorts...

Where are the Disney sidekicks? I love them.

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