Top 10 Johnny Depp Movies ...


Top 10 Johnny Depp Movies ...
Top 10 Johnny Depp Movies ...

I think Johnny Depp is one of the best actors on screen today. He has the ability to take on any character he wishes and create a believable story with this individual. There are a few actors who seem to make the same movies over and over again. Sure these flicks might have different titles, but they all have similar storylines and the actor plays almost the same character in each movie. Johnny Depp definitely doesn’t fall into this category. Out of all of his movies I’ve seen, here are my favorite top 10 Johnny Depp movies.

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Ed Wood

Johnny Depp portrays Ed Wood Jr. in this movie. Supposedly Ed Wood Jr. was very well known for not only being a terrible director, but also doing his directing in women’s clothing. His movies are thought to be some of the worst ones around. I saw this movie not only because Johnny Depp was in it, but because it was directed by Tim Burton. At least this biography of Ed Wood Jr. is witty, quirky, and has a few additional great actors in it.


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This has to be one of the oddest movies I’ve seen in a long time. I should have known that it would be since Terry Gilliam was directing. Being a member of the Monty Python comedy troupe, he’s bound to have a goofy side that will emerge in the movies he directs. Due to its oddness, this flick is considered to be a cult favorite. It’s about the misadventures of Raoul Duke, a sportswriter, and his lawyer Dr. Gonzo. This movie basically spans a period of three days in Las Vegas and is filled with hallucinogens and crazy happenings.


Sleepy Hollow

Depp makes a much better Ichabod Crane than the cartoon versions I remember seeing as a kid. Although the cartoon and old stories about Sleepy Hollow have a similar plot, this movie involves more detailed accounts of encounters with ghosts and the headless horseman. It is a rather spooky movie and very dark. Tim Burton directed this one as well, which I think is very obvious by the shapes of many of the trees in the forest. Burton has an artistic flair that he adds to all his movies.


The Ninth Gate

As a book dealer, Depp begins searching for a rare book titled The Nine Gates of the Shadow Kingdom. He winds up delving into a world where he is no longer the one doing the hunting, but he is instead being hunted. There is a lot of murder and double-dealing going on, as well as exposure to satanic worship – none of which Depp’s character had planned on. This is one of those movies that would be considered a Supernatural Thriller. It’s very suspenseful and spooky.


What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

Taking place in Iowa, this film finds main character Gilbert (Depp) struggling to care for his brother who is mentally disabled, as well as providing for his other family members. The town Gilbert and his family reside in depends on the tourists who travel through. One tourist ends up being a love interest for Gilbert when she and her grandmother are stuck in town because their SUV broke down.


Edward Scissorhands

Yet another movie directed by Tim Burton. This is one of the first movies I saw Johnny Depp in. It wasn’t until much later that I realized who he was though. Depp plays Edward, who is the result of an unfinished project created by an inventor who lived high on the hill of an odd little town. When the inventor dies unexpectedly, Edward is left to fend for himself and eventually finds his way into town. He becomes part of a family for a while and then is run out of town and back up the hill due to false accusations made on Edward. Don’t worry; the ending is still sort of a happy one!


Benny and Joon

Benny is the main caregiver of his sister, Joon, who is mentally ill, but very talented in an artistic manner. Sam (Depp) falls for Joon after she wins him during a poker game she talked herself into. Benny decides to make Sam the housekeeper for Joon so he ends up being with Benny and Joon all the time. This is basically an odd love story that takes place between a woman who has psychotic episodes from time to time and a guy who dresses as a comedian from the Silent Film era. It’s really a cute movie!


Finding Neverland

JM Barrie’s life is portrayed in this movie with Depp playing the part of Barrie. The movie shows how Barrie envisioned his magical world, which is described in Peter Pan, and how he wanted to see this vision come to life on the stage. Barrie has a close friendship with the sons of a good friend of his and it is the boys who inspired Peter Pan. Once the play reaches the stage, the mother of the boys, Sylvia, is too sick to see the play, so Barrie arranges to have a smaller performance at Sylvia’s home. The ending is sad, but getting a glimpse into the life of Barrie is wonderful.


Don Juan DeMarco

Depp plays a would-be suicide in this movie that is undergoing an evaluation by a psychiatrist. He thinks he is Don Juan and continually recounts stories to the psychiatrist that are very similar to the legends of Don Juan. The movie is mostly flashbacks that show the life of Don Juan, beginning with his birth in Mexico. It’s a very romantic movie and I can’t think of anyone better to play the part of Don Juan than Johnny Depp.


Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates and Johnny Depp; it doesn’t get much better than that! Jack Sparrow (Depp) seems to have as much bad luck as he does good luck in this pirate series. Even after 3 movies about Captain Jack Sparrow and his misadventures, I still never get tired of watching each movie. I think the first movie in this series of 3 is my favorite of all. There’s something cool about the computer animation in this flick. I remember seeing the previews and thinking it was going to be too scary for my son to watch. Later I found out that it has a lot more comedy than gore and was one of the best pirate movies of all time.

These are the top 10 Johnny Depp movies on my list of favorites. I own most of these and enjoy watching them regularly. I can’t seem to get enough of Johnny Depp! I always look forward to seeing what he will star in next. What is your favorite Johnny Depp movie?

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I LOVE JOHNNY DEPP!!! I am watching The Ninth Gate while typing this.

I watch movies blindly where there is I know it will be an interesting one.

Johnny Depp does weird roles but who cares? He's HOT

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