8 Wonderful Colin Firth Movies ...

I’m writing this three days before Oscar night, so right now, I have no idea who will win the award for Best Lead Actor, but I sure hope it’s Colin Firth. He’s been nominated for his role in “The King’s Speech,” which I think should win handily (we’ll see!). I’ve been a fan of Firth’s for years… he seems to have a knack for choosing extraordinary movies… whether he wins or not this year, spend some time with these Colin Firth films, and see if you agree — he’s one of the best actors of his generation!

1. The King’s Speech

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Based on a the true story of England’s King George VI, a man who, unlike this father and brother, wanted nothing less than to be king, for he suffered from a life-long speech impediment, a stutter. But after his brother abdicates the throne to marry a commoner (and an American, at that), the young man becomes King anyway. Firth plays the King, supported by a brilliant cast, from Guy Pearce as his brother to Helena Bonham Carter as his wife and the magnificent Geoffrey Rush as his savior, the wily, unorthodox therapist that helps him as he prepares for the singular most important speech he’ll give, on the eve of World War II. The movie is stellar, as is Firth’s performance. He’s truly as regal, and as vulnerable, as you’d imagine such a King to be.

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