Top 10 Most Painfully Awkward Movie Kisses ...


Top 10 Most Painfully Awkward Movie Kisses ...
Top 10 Most Painfully Awkward Movie Kisses ...

Actors will do anything for their craft – and that includes engaging in some of the most uncomfortable scenes ever. Don't worry, I'm going to spare you from having to watch a bunch of seriously uncomfortable, ahem, love scenes – I'm just focusing on the most painfully awkward movie kisses you've ever seen. It happens more than you might expect; even if the actors involved aren't open about their experiences off-screen, you can still tell onscreen that they were definitely not having the time of their lives. So come along with me, y'all, as I share with you the top 10 most painfully awkward movie kisses. Remember: once you see, you cannot unsee...

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Ron and Hermione: Harry Potter

This is actually the kiss that spawned this whole post, hence its position as #1. Now, personally, I loved this kiss – but Rupert and Emma themselves were so uncomfortable! They didn't even want to do it! Crazy, that what may be the favorite-ever kiss for HP fans everywhere made the stars feel so icky!


Sam and Molly: Ghost

Logistics make this an awkward kiss. It's one of the most romantic movies ever, but who knows what camera magic was necessary to make Patrick Swayze glow like Edward Cullen? My guess is that Demi got to kiss him like normal, but had to make concessions for the halo-glow to be added later, making for an awkward kind of peck.


Peter and Mary Jane: Spider-Man

I don't know if you guys have picked up on this yet, but I do not like Mary Jane or Kirsten Dunst, and I love Tobey Maguire enough to have his babies. Although I hate that they're doing a revamp on Spidey, I'm hoping that my similar adoration for Emma Stone will make me like the redo more – ideally, I'd love to see her and Tobey in this liplock. The positioning makes this intensely awkward, but I wonder how many girls dreamed of sharing their own upside-down kiss with this version of Spider-Man? Hands up!


Lloyd and Mary: Dumb and Dumber

This kiss is probably the most singularly awkward kiss you'll ever see. I don't know if the fact that Jim and Lauren were actually together at the time makes it better or worse. Talk about a vacuum kiss, you know?


Jacob and Bella: Twlight

So, why was this awkward? Well, just look at Bella's face. If you're not a K-Stew fan, you've probably come to expect this kind of thing. I myself am not a Twilight fan and my choice of Twi-boy is and will always be Jackson Rathbone/Jasper Hale, but I mean. Taylor Lautner isn't exactly ugly and Jacob Black isn't exactly undesirable. What's up with the stink-face, Bella? (Also, Kirsten, close your mouth!)


Luke and Leia: Star Wars

So, this one is pretty self explanatory. Luke Skywalker totally makes out with his sister. I love the expression on Han's face in the background. Even Chewbacca is having a kind of “Wtf?” moment. Wtf indeed, Chewie. Wtf indeed.


Jake and Janey: Not Another Teen Movie

As befitting a spoof, this movie has tons of awkward moments. The kiss between Jake and Janey, however, is probably the most adorable uncomfortable thing I've ever seen. That might be because I had that kind of clumsy kiss once. ...I don't want to talk about it, though.


Joe and Von: Everyone Says I Love You

Can I just say … ew, ew, ew! Ewww! Normally I love Woody Allen movies, but it's kind of skeezy when he pairs himself with someone young and beautiful, just because … well, you know. And it was obvious, even onscreen, that beautiful Julia Roberts had to work all of her considerable skill to get through this kiss. It was thisclose to being incredibly stiff – but they're both good actors, so they got pretty close to pulling it off. Woody needs to stop it though. Right now!


Arwen and Aragorn: LOTR

I love Lord of the Rings. The trilogy is one of my favorites; I loved every minute of every movie. However, even it had its awkward moments. Witness Return of the King, wherein the king returns … and proceeds to eat Arwen's face. I think Viggo Mortensen is quite hot, but seeing his tongue emerge for the attack like that is scary. Especially on the big screen. Even poor Elrond looks like he's caught somewhere between “awww” and “...ew But man, Liv Tyler is gorgeous.


Peter and Doug: I Love You, Man

This is my favorite painfully awkward movie kiss. I love this kiss. I watch it on repeat constantly! Paul Rudd is one of my favorite comedic actors and I've loved Thomas Lennon since The State. This is just … this is just awkward, cinematic magic. The expression on Peter's face as he tries to pull back, the way Doug is SO into it, and that little peck at the end … precious!

Some of those kisses were awkward onscreen; with others, you only learn about the discomfort of the actors in off-screen interviews. Like, with Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, for as uncomfortable as it felt for them, I thought their onscreen kiss was gorgeous! Still, you can see why these were some of the most painfully awkward movie kisses ever; some of the pairings were just … wow. Are there any movie or TV kisses you really wish you could just forget?

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Apparently the Spiderman kiss wasn't fun to film...I remember in interviews, Tobey said all the rain went up his nose

Btw, I tried the upside down kiss with my ex boyfriend. Better in theory. :D

Emma Stone isn't playing Mary Jane in the Spiderman revamp. I can't remember what the love interest's name is, but it's not Mary Jane.

lol i completely agree with the twilight one

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