7 Great Heist Movies ...

As much as I love comedies and zombie movies, I love heist movies even more. They’re so suspenseful β€” will they be able to pull off their scheme, or will they be caught? Will the gorgeous explosives specialist end up with the hunky getaway driver? And what, exactly, is in that briefcase? Naturally, some heist movies are better than others, and after nearly 30 years of watching them, I do have my favorites. Here are 7 great heist movies.

1. The Sting

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Wow! A few weeks ago, I watched this movie for the first time as an adult, and I have to say: Robert Redford and Paul Newman are HOT! This movie is incredibly funny, clever, and charming, and Redford and Newman are at their best. The Sting isn’t as suspenseful as some other heist movies, but its engaging plot and loveable characters are all it needs to make my list.

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