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When it comes to movies, I’m not a typical ‘girly’ filmgoer at all. Give me a good action film any day. My favourite genre though is the zombie film. I even love the low-budget versions. There might not be anything terribly original about most zombie films, and they’ll never win any awards, but they certainly keep me entertained. Here are some of my favourites.

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Even though a film may not be hugely original, it can still be very entertaining if it is done with a good dose of humour. With a title like Zombieland, you pretty much know what to expect. Having seen the trailer, I was looking forward to this enormously, and I was not disappointed. Loved it.


The Zombies’ Ushers

Even zombie aficionados almost certainly won’t have heard of this Argentinian short film, which I saw at a showing of zombie shorts. A group of retired cinema ushers reunite to combat dead film fanatics, who return on the night the 3D version of ‘Night of the Living Dead’ is released …


Strippers V Zombies

Not to be confused with Zombie Strippers, this was firmly in the low budget camp, but great fun nonetheless. Chicks with guns are always entertaining for the B movie aficionados, and this was actually quite well done.


Land of the Dead

I regard this as the last decent film that Romero made. Not all fans of the genre like it, but it had his hand all over it. With good actors like John Leguizamo and Dennis Hopper, it was pretty good quality. And the vehicles were coooooool …


Zombies of Mass Destruction

I’d love this for the title alone, but the film was fun too. It has some great characters, like the gay couple, one of whom is still in the closet but bringing his partner to meet his mother (who later turns into a zombie), and a female lead with guts (no pun intended). There are also some very funny lines.


Dead Snow

I managed to watch and enjoy this Norwegian zombie film, in spite of the fact that it didn’t have subtitles and I don’t understand a word of Norwegian. Let’s face it, dialogue is not the most important feature in a zombie film …


Flight of the Living Dead

Beats Snakes on a Plane hands down (pun very much intended). If there’s a zombie outbreak on a plane, you’re pretty much screwed …


Dance of the Dead

Another low budget but fun effort, this features a group of high school kids whose prom is ruined by an attack by those pesky zombies. Highlight of the movie is the stoner band discovering that as long as they keep playing, they can keep the zombies at bay …

Are you a zombie film fan, or have you never developed a taste for it (haha)?

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