9 Ways to Get Rid of Spyware Free ...


9 Ways to Get Rid of Spyware Free ...
9 Ways to Get Rid of Spyware Free ...

It's time to be spyware free and make your computer faster once again. Spyware is a major problem with most computers that surf the web without an antispyware, firewall or some sort of virus program monitoring their system. You can get spyware by just visiting certain websites. They hide in your cookies or cache. Let me tell you about 8 ways to get rid of spyware free…

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Zone Alarm

Zone Alarm Photo Credit: iloveiggys

You can download the free trail for zone alarm and download the whole suit. It comes with spyware removal tools and other neat firewall additions. Zone alarm already has a free firewall, but when you use the trail for 30 days it protects you with virus protection, antispyware and a monitoring tool. Easy to get rid of spyware with this program.


Superantispyware Free Edition

Superantispyware Free Edition Photo Credit: XnupoX

This is easy to download from their website or download.com. You will find that this program don't just get rid of them, but keeps it where it can't come back. Spyware can hide itself simply by changing its name, but the program stops it by a monitoring tool.


Norton Antispyware Trail

Norton Antispyware Trail Photo Credit: Nortononline

You can download Norton Antispyware from their website and get the free 30-day trail that helps keep it clean. If you have a slow computer, I advise you to use another program, because Norton takes tons of memory to keep running. However, it’s the easier way to get rid of spyware on your computer.



MacAfee has always been my favorite paying program for any virus protection, antispyware or firewall control. However, if you want to get it free, you have to download the 30 day trail. This works like Norton, but uses less memory.


AVG Antispyware

AVG Antispyware Photo Credit: OfficialAVG

You can get this free for 30 days like any other major software and it can get rid of your spyware for the time being. It won't keep it away for to long, but it will do the job. You just need to get a firewall program like zone alarm and superantispyware free edition.


Spyware Doctor

Spyware Doctor Photo Credit: Quizma Tech and Gaming

This program works for the first thirty days and wants you to buy the full version. It stores the spyware in the spyware vault as long as you have it on your computer. Most antispyware programs that want you to pay. Will have you use the program and say pay know to get rid of your spyware.


Spyware Removal Tools

Spyware Removal Tools Photo Credit: Osirita

Some spyware needs certain special programs to get rid of certain creepy spyware. You can find them being free, because they focus on one program. You will find that you can get them from websites like download.com.


Webroot Spy Sweeper 2011

Webroot Spy Sweeper 2011 Photo Credit: ricberw

This program is used by many and they have a free trail. This program always helps keep spyware away from my computer. You might consider buying this one, because it’s the most updated program yet.



Reformat… Photo Credit: DJACID

Reformatting your computer is easy and can be helpful for many other things. You can get rid of viruses, spyware and unwanted programs errors. All you need is the disc to your laptop or in case, you have a desktop a windows CD. It wipes the computer completely and makes things work faster and better.

Spyware can be hard to get rid of and that’s why I said reformatting is the best way to go. However, reformatting can be hard on your hard drive. Do you use any of these free programs for antispyware removal?

Top Photo Credit: mktedman

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