7 Signs Your Computer Has Adware ...


7 Signs Your Computer Has Adware ...
7 Signs Your Computer Has Adware ...

It’s time for more advice on Adware and how to detect it on your computer. It’s important to find this problem before it gets worst. They can get your passwords or even steal your credit card number. You need to act fast to avoid this problem. Please read my 7 Signs Your Computer Has Adware…

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The computer will get lag and start bogging down. You will notice that there will be more errors and files being open. Hackers go for the performance and record what you do on the computer for information about their business.


Pop Ups

You might have a pop up blocker, but you could have more lag having one with adware. Adware will pop up on your computer and could lock up your pop up blocker. When you browse the Internet more and more pop ups will begin to start.


Websites Change

When you search the Internet for a certain page, you will get another page in its place. You will get another website popping up if you have adware. Adware is software that advertises people’s website that wants more views and makes people do it.


They Change Settings in Your Browser

They Change Settings in Your Browser Photo Credit: Ben Dodson

Adware changes the settings in your browser and the home page. Some settings only allow you to use one browser. They set the proxy settings and make the browser not read a connection while the browser they want you to use and monitor you on works.


New Programs Showing up on the Menu Bar

New Programs Showing up on the Menu Bar Photo Credit: cindiann

Nothing should be in the left bottom side of the computer screen that you don’t want to use. You have the programs that always run on their and extra ones you ask to use. Sometimes adware will download programs to make you buy software to get them off your computer. They can lock you out of other anti—virus programs.


Windows Task Manager Showing Weird Programs

Windows Task Manager Showing Weird Programs Photo Credit: Ivan Walsh

There are tons of adware programs that hide in the Temp folder and windows. They can be seen running through the windows task manager. Sometimes they have weird names like browser super search, or random numbers that make it harder to find. You can find these adware programs through your windows search program.


Your Connection is Bogged

Adware takes tons of bandwidth and you can tell when adware is being used, because they have programs that send constant info to their servers. They track what websites you go to or even take personal information. You can test your ping or bandwidth through websites or the windows command prompt.

Adware is a computers worst enemy and can be bad like malware, Trojans or viruses. They could even stop the computer from working or corrupt files that make you have to reformat when you delete them. There is tons of anti-adware that helps keep unwanted adware away. Do you have any of these problems?

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