10 Signs That You May Suffer from Hurry Sickness ...


The modern world thrives on speed, instantaneity, and immediate results. We act as if we are running out of time so we move as quickly as possible. Even when it isn’t necessary, we act, think, feel, and decide with such swiftness. It’s as if we have been programmed to move fast and without true thought. This kind of condition, where one feels the need to rush without really having a reason, is called hurry sickness. This state of being seems like a normal adaptive mechanism to the busy world we live in today. However, as ordinary as hurry has come to be, hurry sickness is still a disease of the modern world. It wreaks havoc on the spirit, the mind, and the body. Hurry sickness can cause you chronic stress and many other health and emotional problems. Here are ten signs that you may have the hurry sickness.

1. You Are in a Constant State of Rush and Worry

Chronic rush and worry can manifest in various ways for different people. Normally, you can tell that you have these two conditions when you feel like you are always stressed, you worry needlessly about the future, you are anxious and always raring to go, and you can’t sit still. Rushing and worrying have become second nature to you that it seems like you cannot get rid of these habits. Your rushing and worrying become so obvious that friends and family tell you to slow down and relax.

You Feel That Everything in Life is Urgent