10 Signs That You May Suffer from Hurry Sickness ...


10 Signs That You May Suffer from Hurry Sickness ...
10 Signs That You May Suffer from Hurry Sickness ...

The modern world thrives on speed, instantaneity, and immediate results. We act as if we are running out of time so we move as quickly as possible. Even when it isn’t necessary, we act, think, feel, and decide with such swiftness. It’s as if we have been programmed to move fast and without true thought. This kind of condition, where one feels the need to rush without really having a reason, is called hurry sickness. This state of being seems like a normal adaptive mechanism to the busy world we live in today. However, as ordinary as hurry has come to be, hurry sickness is still a disease of the modern world. It wreaks havoc on the spirit, the mind, and the body. Hurry sickness can cause you chronic stress and many other health and emotional problems. Here are ten signs that you may have the hurry sickness.

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You Are in a Constant State of Rush and Worry

Chronic rush and worry can manifest in various ways for different people. Normally, you can tell that you have these two conditions when you feel like you are always stressed, you worry needlessly about the future, you are anxious and always raring to go, and you can’t sit still. Rushing and worrying have become second nature to you that it seems like you cannot get rid of these habits. Your rushing and worrying become so obvious that friends and family tell you to slow down and relax.


You Feel That Everything in Life is Urgent

You feel as if you always have to be available for people. When they call, you have to answer; when they email, you have to write back immediately; when they want to meet, you clear your schedule. Everything in life feels so urgent and important that you don’t have the heart to disconnect and slow down. You have to do this and that right away or else you are wasting time.


You Live by Your Watch

If your watch directs the tone and flow of your day, then you may need to think about how you live your life. Time management and being time conscious is important to make sure you are on track but constantly checking the time is just bordering on obsessive. You need to free yourself from the tick-tock of the clock and just enjoy each moment as it comes.


You Walk Fast and Rushed

It is understandable if you are in a hurry and you have to get to your destination right away. However, it seems like more and more people are always in a hurry to get somewhere regardless of the day or occasion. Walking fast and rushed even without having to can be a sign that you need to slow down.


You Often Drive Fast or over the Speed Limit

Similarly, the hurry sickness can manifest in the way you drive. You may find yourself driving too fast most, if not all, the time. You may also drive a little bit over the speed limit to get to your destination without getting pulled over.


You Talk and Think Too Fast

Do you find yourself thinking too fast that you can’t seem to grab hold of your thoughts? Do you talk too fast and fail to listen to other people? Do you interrupt others when they talk because you need to present your ideas immediately? Talking and thinking too fast, as well as failing to listen could be a sign that you need to slow down and enjoy human interactions more.


You Are Constantly Multi-tasking

I think that multi-tasking is the brainchild of someone who thought there is no time to spare. While multi-tasking allows you to accomplish many things at once, it also encourages a highly busy lifestyle. You do things without giving full attention to the task at hand. You cease to appreciate the process in the rush to get results. If you cannot switch from multi-tasking mode to single tasking mode, then you may have a problem at hand.


You Finish Your Meal as Fast as You Can

Food is meant to be enjoyed in the solitude of your own company or in the company of people you love. You should think about slowing down a bit if you cannot take the time to sit down and take pleasure in a meal. You also might be a tad too busy if you work and eat at the same time.


You Don’t like Waiting in Line or in Traffic

In this world afflicted with hurry sickness, a lot of people seem to have lost the skill of being patient. Yes, I do believe that patience is also a skill and not just a virtue. It is a skill that some people innately have but it can also be learned. If you simply cannot silently wait several minutes in line or in traffic without complaining, then you may need to slow down and learn the skill of being patient.


You Can’t Relax or Take a Break

You may have hurry sickness if idle moments bother you. Idle moments bother you because you think that you are wasting time by not doing anything productive. You cannot relax or take a break, or you don’t feel like you are entitled to slow down. In reality, being still and at rest is good for your mind and body. Think about how you view moments of silence and inactivity.

It is normal for everyone to feel pressured and hurried during certain times in their lives. It comes with the need to fulfill expectations, meet deadlines, and accomplish tasks and responsibilities. There is nothing wrong with that. However, there is definitely something wrong when you find yourself frequently rushed and on the edge. After going through this article, how many of the signs ring true in your own life? Be honest with yourself so you can start changing your life. Don’t become a slave to time. Slow down and enjoy your life before it passes you by.

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