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Good comedians must do more than tell a funny joke. Sure, what they say must be funny, but a really good cut up will use exaggerated body languages to bring the laughter to a hysterical level. Maybe you are not a comedian, but you like a good joke? Better yet, do you like to be the center of attention, drawing the crowd around you to tears with your funny stories? Well, keep reading to find out the best body language gestures to add to your joke telling must haves…

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Your Eyes Say It All...

The first thing to remember is that your friends will be looking you right in the eye. Well, for the most part. So you will want to keep your eyes really aggressive. When appropriate, open your eyes up, huge as saucers. Also, you can raise your eyebrows, like you are super shocked.


Eye Tricks

Another movement with your eyes that lends itself to laughter is rolling your eyes. You know, like, “ Yea, right. Like I am supposed to believe that?” Remember to be exaggerated.


Eye tricks are a great way to express humor and add to the laughter of a conversation. Rolling your eyes is a classic example of this, and it's important to be exaggerated when doing so for maximum effect. Other eye tricks can include widening your eyes in surprise, narrowing them in suspicion, or even winking as a sign of flirtation. Eye tricks can be used to communicate a variety of emotions and reactions, and they are a great way to add to the humor of a conversation.


Peek around

The last eye movement I would recommend is looking out the side of your eye. This movement is great to use when you are telling a part where you are trying to be sly, or peeking while acting unobtrusive.


There’s a Whole Lot of Head Shaking Going on

Use this gesture if you want to be a funny, sad person. Close your eyes, and shake your head side to side as if you are saying, “It is so, so sad… but pathetic.” Kind of like you are mocking a bad situation. Of course, I am referring to jokes, and not true situations.


Fat, Chubby Cheeks

Puff up your cheeks and pretend to blow your self up. This can be really funny if you use it precisely the right moment. Maybe something stinks, or you are about to be sick…


Pucker up

Pucker your lips, or purse them like a quaking duck. You can also lick your lips, exaggeratingly. At other times during your joke, you can pop and smack your lips. These movements can be used when you are bored, telling a funny part in a romantic comedy, or in doubt.


Pretend Anger or Jealousy

How can you show funny anger gestures? Flare your nose, tap your foot, purse your lips, and smash your fist into your hand. You can also stomp your foot and place your hands on your hips.


It’s All in Your Face

Or I should say head. Tilting your head from side to side while you are pretending to be someone else or when talking in a squeaky or deep voice can heighten the laughter. This adds drama to the situation and only makes what you are saying more comical.

You do not have to be a professional comedian to be the life of the party. You can be funny in the little things you do and people will always remember you as the “funny girl.” Your friends will love to be around you because you make them laugh. So, how do you bring on the laughter?

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I think we all do them unconciously to tell something funny.Some are better at them some are not. So it is going to help at least some of us.

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