7 Signs That Your Boss Doesn't like You ...


7 Signs That Your Boss Doesn't like You ...
7 Signs That Your Boss Doesn't like You ...

We almost never get to decide who our immediate bosses are. Even if you don’t like your boss, it is in your interest to be professional about it. But what can you do if your boss doesn’t like you and how can you confirm your suspicion? Here are some signs that your boss doesn’t like you and you need to watch out for these.

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Thankless Tasks

Do you find that you are increasingly being given thankless tasks that nobody wants to do and will not help you in enhancing your career? Well, it is possible that your boss has decided to demean or demoralize you just because he doesn’t like you.


Always Negative

Do you find that the only time your boss wants to talk to you is when he has something to complain about your performance? You haven’t heard him say a positive thing about you to you or your colleagues in a very long time. On the other hand, most of your colleagues seem to know about every little mistake you have made.


Too Much Work

Do you find that you always have too much work on your hands? You are so piled with work that you can’t even take every weekend off, forget about vacations. This is perhaps one of the strongest signs that your boss doesn’t like you.



Are you being transferred to a new location, branch or duties without so much as being asked for your consent? To me, this seems like a pretty clear sign that your boss doesn’t like you and wants to get rid of you without having to fire you.


Extreme Measures

Do you find that when you have made a mistake or done something wrong, you are at the receiving end of some pretty extreme measures that are not justified in the light of your mistake? Well, that is also one of the signs that your boss doesn’t like you.


Leaking Confidential Information

Perhaps you have confided in your boss something about yourself because you wanted to find out the company’s policy on the matter. Suddenly, you find that everyone in the office has found out about your little secret that you have told nobody else. Maybe your boss is just having fun at your expense, but it is one of the surest signs that your boss doesn’t like you.


Being Excluded

Do you find that suddenly you are being excluded from meetings, official and unofficial? Do you end up finding out about important decisions from other people after the decision has been reached?

Any of these problems may occur once without there being any malicious intent behind them. But, if you see them recurring often and on a regular basis, you can be sure that they are signs that your boss doesn’t like you. Perhaps you may want to consider talking to your boss and resolving the issue or quitting your job before you are fired.
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Oh my gosh... I have the most horrible boss ever.. he doesn't like me... grrr

I know my boss hates me..he is a woman hater and admits it openly.

I don't know anybody who actually likes their boss... so I guess all bosses doesn't like us

I guess my manager hates me too, he always swings his Mood. But my team leader is my backup so far but i guess the MD hates him too :D

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