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7 Signs You Are Popular in School ...

By Cherith

Everyone wants to be popular. Even if they don’t admit it, they do. Being popular means you are accepted and cool and liked by others. But how do you know if you are popular? Maybe you already are and you just don’t know it? Here’s 7 sure ways to tell if you are popular!

1 You Are Confident

You Are ConfidentPhoto Credit: llgaryll

Confidence is an absolute must for popularity. If you are a confident person, there’s a good chance you are popular. And if you’re not popular than you are ok with that because a confident person accepts them self for who they are and makes their own circle of friends!

2 You Are Bold

You Are BoldPhoto Credit: Angel_SinClaudicar

A shy person has a big disadvantage when it comes to popularity. While your bashfulness may not make you “un-popular”, it may make you seem unapproachable and distant to your fellow classmates. If you don’t opening up to people easily and make friendly advances to them, they may shun or ignore you. So if you want to be more popular, be more bold!

3 You Are Active in School Clubs and Activities

You Are Active in School Clubs and ActivitiesPhoto Credit: Jahangir @

If you never take part in any after-school activities or extra curricular classes or any school clubs and parties, there’s a big chance you are NOT popular! How could you be popular if you’re never around? Take a step and get more involved with the goings on in your school! Buzz around and then people will start buzzing around you.

4 You Get Good Grades

You Get Good GradesPhoto Credit: lilpuddlejumpers

Ok, I don’t need to point out that most of the time it’s the nerdy, brainiac kids that get picked on. Usually this is because people are jealous of their intelligence. There’s no need to flaunt your brainpower around the school or walk around quoting algebra formulas, but you do need to try to work on your grades and maintain them. If nothing else, you will be accepted by your teachers and the study group buddies!

5 You Dress Well

You Dress WellPhoto Credit: Ed Yourdon

Nobody wants to be seen hanging out with someone who looks like they slept in the outfit they are wearing! If you want to be popular, dress well and fix your hair. Make and effort to work on your appearance! You don’t need to be a model, but do try to look like you are related to one!

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6 You Are Nice

You Are NicePhoto Credit: ARTS

Do you ever wonder if the “mean girls” know they are mean or if they think they are nice? I’m sure they know it! I know when I’ve been mean or rude to someone and I’m human so it must work that way for all of us! People love a nice person, so be friendly and outgoing and you will be well on your way to popularity!

7 You Are Not in Any Cliques

You Are Not in Any CliquesPhoto Credit: George London

Most popular kids in school tend to only hang out with the other “popular” kids. Especially the snobby, rich ones! But the true popular kids, the genuine ones, are well known and pretty much liked by all. If you belong to any certain group or clique within your school, there’s a chance that you may not be very popular. But if you mix and mingle and hang out with all types, I’m sure you will be voted most popular in your high school yearbook!

Being popular has its advantages and disadvantages, just like everything else in life. Can you think of any other signs that you are popular that I didn’t mention here?

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