7 Uses for Used Tea Bags ...


7 Uses for Used Tea Bags ...
7 Uses for Used Tea Bags ...

Who says you have to use a tea bag once and then toss it in the trash? I’ve used mine for numerous things and have seen some pretty strange things done with them as well. Here is my list of 7 uses for used tea bags. Maybe you’ll find them helpful the next time you make a cup of hot tea and are wondering what to do with your tea bag, besides throw it away.

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They Are a Great anti-aging Remedy

Tea has tons of antioxidants that help fight free radicals. These antioxidants can be transferred from the tea to skin by placing a used tea bag on skin around the eyes, mouth, or other areas of the face that are showing signs of premature aging. It’s much more comfortable to relax with wet tea bags on your face if they are still a bit warm. Just make sure they aren’t doused in scorching water fresh from the kettle!


Nourish the Rose Bushes

I’ve always poured coffee grounds and placed banana peels and egg shells on the ground around my garden plants, but the tea from used tea bags can also be used in a similar fashion. Rose bushes benefit from a combination of tea leaves and ground up banana peels. You can empty some old tea bags into a pitcher, grind up some banana peels, and then add a bit of water to the mix. Pour this concoction onto the soil around your rose bushes and see how well they like it.


Refresh Sleepy Eyes

People are always using cucumbers to reduce puffiness around the eyes. A lukewarm tea bag will do the same thing, as well as lessen the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. I find it much easier to have a set of used tea bags on hand than I do cucumber slices. My family isn’t big on veggies, so I rarely have fresh vegetables in the fridge to eat, let alone to place on my face.


Plug Drainage Holes in Planters

It’s hard to find rocks that are the perfect size for placing in the bottom of a plant I’m repotting. The pebbles either seem to be so small that they fall through the holes the first time I water the plant or too large to allow for enough dirt to be added to the planter. Used tea bags will plug the holes nicely, but still allow excess water to be drained. You won’t have to worry about water setting in the bottom of the planter and causing the roots to rot on your favorite plant.


Make Scented Sachets

The great thing about tea is that it is a plant. Used tea leaves will take on the scent of any oil placed on them. Open up your used tea bags and allow the tea leaves to dry. I place them on a cookie sheet and stir the leaves around every so often throughout the day. It doesn’t take long for them to dry out. Once the leaves have fully dried, sprinkle your favorite oil on them and place them in a small cotton bag. I like to use rose or clove oil and place the sachet in my pajama drawer.


Reduce Razor Burn

A wet tea bag will reduce the pain caused by a razor. I’ve been in a rush to shave my legs many times and always end up getting a bit of razor burn around my ankles or knees. This always happens when I’m in too much of a hurry and I don’t get a complete cover of foam on my skin. Razor burn is one of those things that seems to come and go too. It would be much easier if it would simply hurt like the dickens and then go away. Try laying a wet or even moist tea bag on the affected area. It really helps quite a bit!


Make a Work of Art

There’s a restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky that I visited with a friend once. As I stood in line to wait for a seat, I glanced up at the ceiling and noticed a pair of waders hanging from the fan. These weren’t any ordinary pair of waders. Every inch of this pant/boot combo was covered in tea bags. They were the sort of tea bag that had the string and paper tag attached to them, which really added to the overall appearance of the waders. It made me want to come home and create something artistic with my old tea bags.

Maybe you can pass on some of these 7 uses for used tea bags. I have a container of used tea bags that I have allowed to dry out. I never know when they might come in handy. Do you have something specific that you use old tea bags for? Are there any of the above uses that you’d heard of before?

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you forgot braai (or to you guys bbq lights) you soak it in oil =]

I use them to nourish my rose garden.

i think i will try itt on my facee!

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