8 Reasons Why You Should Date a Geek ...


8 Reasons Why You Should Date a Geek ...
8 Reasons Why You Should Date a Geek ...

In high school, they have cliques. You have the preppy group, jock group, freak group, religious group, geek group and so on. There are so many different groups that I have lost track already. Of course, it’s been merely 6 years since I have been out of high school, but I still remember it like it was yesterday. The one group that got picked on the most was the geeks. Now that I look at them, all grown up, I see that they were the most successful out of any of the groups. You should give them credit for a change and stop looking down on them. Below, I am going to give you 8 reasons you should date a geek …

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Computer Tech Full-time

Computer Tech Full-time Photo Credit: Annadriel

You have to admit, when you date a geek, if you have troubles with your laptop, PC or any other electronic device, you are going to have support. Dating a geek gives you full-time support. My husband is smart with computers, so of course, I get my round-the-clock support!


They Have a Fun Side

Believe it or not, they do have a fun side. Sure, their fun side may not include sailing the seven seas or climbing the highest mountain, but nonetheless, they still have a fun side. Their fun side may include sitting at home playing World of Warcraft or mastering a webpage. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with these things.


They’re Smart

They’re Smart Photo Credit: Sacha Quester-Séméon (sachaqs)

Okay, if they were not smart, they would not be called geeks, so this is more of an obvious reason. However, I have to include it, because I want to tell you something. Sure, you could go out and date a really good-looking guy. However, he could be a total air head. Which is better? Good looks or brains? I believe brains would be the best answer. Besides, geeks aren’t that bad-looking!


They’re Successful

They’re Successful Photo Credit: Cordey

I believe that geeks are successful. They definitely have the potential. Some of them move forward and work for Blizzard Entertainment or run their own business. They move forward and make their own video games.


They’re Romantic

They’re Romantic Photo Credit: ghholt

You have to give them credit for this. Many geeks can have a romantic side. Sure, the romantic side may be making a website just for you, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with this. That is just them showing their love for you.


He May Be More Sympathetic

Some guys are not sympathetic at all. However, a geek may understand you more. He may have been bullied during his high school years, so when something happens at work, he will understand it more and listen to you, not only with ears wide open, but a heart wide open as well.


He Won’t Manscape

He Won’t Manscape Photo Credit: kaylovesvintage

Yeah, some guys manscape. What is this? You know, standing in front of the mirror for nearly an hour. Geeks will more than likely not do this. This means you will have the restroom all to yourself so you can womanscape.


They’re Not Conceited

I do not know about you, but I don’t like those guys who are full of themselves. Sure, I believe having a bit of self confidence is sexy, but when they overdo it, it’s horrible. Geeks usually are not conceited when it comes to their looks.

You see, geeks make good boyfriends and girlfriends. If one in school likes you, I am telling you right now, you should not pass them up for that jock or cheerleader (no offense to jocks or cheerleaders). Who knows, when that “geek” grows up, they may look hot themselves. Being hot and successful is great! So, were you a geek in high school who got bullied?

Top Photo Credit: Davic

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Geeks also tend to be very passionate people, I've found. They're passionate about math or computers or sci-fi, but they're also passionate about you. When that passion is turned onto you, you feel like the most desirable woman on the planet :-)

And then there are the geeks that live at their parent's house until they are almost 30 or beyond, and are incredibly conceited because they think their 'superior intelligence' makes them better than anyone else.

geeks rock, most the time is just that they leave the shell and show up they are real keepers... but please avoid the ones like sheldon cooper from the big bang theory, he's fun, in a sitcom.

I was nerd and in my school ballet team then married a geek who is one of the best IBM spokesperson now.

hi i was a geek and got bullied at school but believe it or not in college and universty i became really popular and im now with a guy who was labelled the same but hey hes a professor now and earns more than the guys that i thought was cool back then and because he went through the same experiences he is more intune with my emotions and my romantic views then any of the so called macho guys i dated before and now hes so much cuter than many i knew back then......... so lets hear it for the geeks........lol

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