7 Reasons to Love the Jonas Brothers ...


7 Reasons to Love the Jonas Brothers ...
7 Reasons to Love the Jonas Brothers ...

The Jonas Brothers. Say the name and we hear teenage girls across the country screaming and shouting for joy! What teenage heartthrobs we have found in these young, hot guys! I have my own legitimate reasons for loving them. Read on for seven reasons to love the Jonas brothers!

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They Are Hot

They Are Hot Photo Credit: M0LLYW00D

Duh! This is the most obvious reason and rightly so! They have faces you simply can't ignore and not adore! They all know that teen girls kiss their pictures every night, and yet not a one of them seem to be proud or stuck up about it. I love how they just take it in stride and go on. They are not stuck on themselves; they are just regular, teenage boys with awesome looks!


They Are Extremely Talented

They Are Extremely Talented Photo Credit: M0LLYW00D

These brothers write many of their own songs and they play most of their own music. Their sound may not change the face of music as we know it, but it is catchy, fun, and uniquely theirs. Not only do they sing well, they are fabulous actors and dancers on top of that! I love their show, and Camp Rock is one of my faves! All of their songs are fresh, upbeat, fun and easy to listen to. And their show is funny and wholesome and you get caught up in the plot.


They Act Their Age

They Act Their Age Photo Credit: Anna(♥) l.o.v.e//m.u.s.i.c

Unlike some of today's tween stars, the Jonas Brothers don't pretend to be deep or know everything about life. Come on, at 16 how could you really know anything yet except that when you were 15, you couldn't legally drive a car. I love the attitude that this trio of brothers displays; they embrace their youth and they don't preach at their fans. They don't seem eager to rush into adulthood, you see them enjoying life as it is right here and now. A great example to us all!


They Have Wholesome Character

They Have Wholesome Character Photo Credit: ~ Alexz

These three brothers and best buds have certainly made a name for themselves. And I must say, it's a clean-cut, family-oriented, wholesome name. Parents can rest assured that their kids are watching a show that encourages good principals, character, moral value and a family-based atmosphere with The Jonas Brothers. And you never see or hear anything bad or discouraging about them on the media. They don't take semi-nude pictures of themselves or make fun of other young stars. They have uplifting, positive attitudes!


They Have Awesome Attitudes

They Have Awesome Attitudes Photo Credit: M0LLYW00D

The Jonas Brothers seem to truly appreciate their success. They don't carry on like they deserve it, or take it for granted. And wouldn't you agree that considering there are many girls chasing after them they should be allowed to have at least a little bit of a cocky attitude? But they don't, surprisingly! And that's good because no one likes a jerk. These guys are anything but that it would seem. If only we all had such attitudes!


They Don't Sleep around

All three of the Jonas brothers are famous for their promises to stay celibate until marriage. In the sexually minded world we face today, I'm sure this has been quite a challenge especially with girls throwing themselves at these guys every opportunity they get! But it's paying off as we can see what an encouraging example they set for us all and how we can learn from them. These guys are probably one of my top choices for role models for your kids if it must be a celebrity!


The Are Best Friends with Each Other

The Are Best Friends with Each Other Photo Credit: eada18

In a world where brothers and sisters seem to grow up despising each other, this is a refreshing example to us all. All four of the Jonas brothers have a close relationship and you never see them fighting or cutting each other down in public. They only say positive things and stick up for each other. Isn't that such a great thing to do! Now we all need to follow their lead!

I could go on and on about all the great qualities I love about the Jonas Brothers but I know I've taken up enough of your time. Isn't it great to have peace of mind that there are still a few celebrity teens out there headed in the right direction? Please leave a comment about the things you admire most in this trio of brothers and share your thoughts on the matter!

Top Photo Credit: J.L.Wright

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cherith- haha i can tell you're a jo-bro fan, but i must say with their new tv show they're really becoming tacky. not to mention nick's the only cute one...:)

Love it! I love them too and I definitely believe that they are great role models! Everything about them is awesome!

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