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8 Reasons I Love CSI Miami ...

By Alison

I watch and enjoy all the CSI series. Although I’ve never contemplated a career in science, I do find that they make science interesting, plus there’s the ever-inventive storylines. My favourite is the series in Miami, for several reasons …

1 David Caruso

David CarusoPhoto Credit: connorandrew

No episode would be complete without those sunglasses moments! I love Caruso’s timing as he delivers that one-liner, puts on his shades, and effortlessly glides out of shot. God forbid he should ever leave the series, as it would be unthinkable without Horatio Caine.

2 The Sun

The SunPhoto Credit: ChinaLeft

The trouble with the NY series is that it’s always raining or snowing. However, in Miami it’s always sunny, everyone is wearing bikinis (not the men, of course), and everyone is good-looking. If you live somewhere with a miserable climate, then it’s much more cheerful to watch a programme set in a warm place.

3 The Titles

The TitlesPhoto Credit: the Maltese Falcon

What a great opener - Roger Daltrey screaming ‘Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!’ as Horatio looks cool and controlled. This is probably the best of the three Who songs used as CSI theme tunes.

4 Rory Cochrane

Such a shame he decided to leave. I’m currently working my way through the first series again, so I can enjoy the lovely Speed before he was killed off. His return as a hallucination later on was really rather daft though - I’d rather they’d used the old twin brother plot device frankly.

5 Strong Female Characters

Strong Female CharactersPhoto Credit:

It’s always good to have good female characters in a series. Chief of these is Calleigh Dusquesne, who may look like a beauty queen but is no pushover. The women in CSI are always treated as equal to their colleagues. Thankfully times have moved on from the days when women were just decorative sidekicks.

6 The Stories

Considering the number of storylines that have been required over the many seasons of the three CSI series, it’s a credit to the writers that they continue to come up with new and unusual ways of killing people off. However, Rory Cochrane did complain that when he decided to leave, the character was written out by being shot, and why couldn’t they have come up with a more appropriate death for a CSI?

7 The Location

The LocationPhoto Credit: filli38

Apologies to any readers who live in Las Vegas or New York, but I find Miami more appealing than the other two locations. As I’ve already mentioned, New York is too cold (at least, I’ve never seen any episodes set in summer), and Vegas is too, well deserty (yes, I know that’s not a word). Miami just has this cool look about it – in the series, anyway.

8 The Ensemble Cast

The Ensemble CastPhoto Credit: CSI-Miami

I’ve already picked out a couple of the actors for special comment, but even in the early episodes the cast seemed to fit together well. As characters have been written in and out, the dynamics have changed, and it takes a while for the new ones to fit in. But that’s realistic in any workplace.

So, fellow CSI fans, do you agree with my preference for Miami? Or do you favour one of the other series? Can you not choose between them? Do you have any suggestions for a new location?

Top Photo Credit: mercuryrising9572000

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