8 Reasons to Be in a Relationship ...


8 Reasons to Be in a Relationship ...
8 Reasons to Be in a Relationship ...

There are many reasons to be in a relationship and I am going to give you 8 reasons below. I am basing all of this on a healthy relationship that is filled with one hundred percent trust.

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It’s Fun

Being in a relationship is fun. You get to go on dates, enjoy life, and experiment with things. I cannot imagine myself not being in a relationship. I am married, so that probably explains it. What about you, don’t you think having a relationship is fun?


You Get to Feel Special

You Get to Feel Special Photo Credit: the|G|™

When you are in a relationship, you get to feel special. I love feeling special. You get to feel as if nothing else in the world matters more than you do. Don’t you love that special feeling you get?


You Care a Lot about the Individual

Of course, you want to be in that relationship because you obviously care a lot about the individual. When you care about someone, it’s a whole different way of living. You’re no longer living for yourself, you’re living for the other as well.


Not Having to Wish for Someone

Not Having to Wish for Someone Photo Credit: whatisname

When you are single, you wish you had someone around. Now that you have someone around, you no longer have to wish you had someone there to love you and hug you. This is definitely a good reason to be in a relationship.


That Feeling You Get when You See Them

That Feeling You Get when You See Them Photo Credit: *iskandar

Have you ever been in a relationship? When they walk in the room, do you know the feeling you get? Your heart starts to beat fast and you get so excited. You get butterflies. This is a lovely feeling.

Famous Quotes

Silence at the proper season is wisdom, and better than any speech.


You Have Someone There for You when You Fail at Something

When you fail at something, since you are in a loving relationship, you will have someone that will be there for you. They are there to remind you that you have the strength to move on. They tell you that it is not the end of the world.


Consistent Sex with Someone You Feel Safe with

Consistent Sex with Someone You Feel Safe with Photo Credit: Bob.Fornal

It is always good to be able to have sex with someone you feel safe with. When you have sex with someone outside of a relationship, you may not feel safe with them. Now that you have a good relationship going that is full of trust, you can comfortably have sex and enjoy it.


You Have Someone to Hold You when You Cry

You Have Someone to Hold You when You Cry Photo Credit: HaMeD!caL

When you cry, since you are in a relationship, you have someone that is there for you when you are sad. They will lend you their shoulder to cry on when you need to cry. They will take you into their arms and cuddle you and make everything feel better.

All of this is based on an honest, trusting relationship. If you’re in a bad relationship, then you may want to get out of it. If you want any ideas of getting out of a bad relationship, just ask me and I will tell you. In the meantime, you have 8 reasons to be in a good relationship …

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:'( I miss it all.

All these 'I'm in a relationship! Everything's fabulous! If you're not, here's why it's great, in case you didn't already know what you're missing out on!' posts are getting really old. Posts that actual help people would be better. I fail to see how this post is of benefit to anyone.

I miss it!

Yes...you feel you are special.........thats so true.You feel you are never alone........great.

Can I ask why the hell the writers on this blog think that one is obligated to be in a relationship? I hate relationships and think marriage is idiotic, and this is by choice, I've had a million opportunities to be "very happy in a relationship". Let me tell you why being in a relationship sucks: 1) You get no freedom 2) You turn into a puppet 3) You get cheesy 4) The guy cheats on you (sorry, all guys do) 5) You always feel like you settled for less 6) Just all round pathetic

i need aboy firend im so loney

Meredith, sounds to me like you're just bitter! Why even read the article if that's how you feel?

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