7 Reasons to Love Animal Planet ...


7 Reasons to Love Animal Planet ...
7 Reasons to Love Animal Planet ...

Animal planet is the channel where animals come together for your viewing pleasure. You will find everything from dogs and cats to lions and bears. On Animal Planet, you never know what you are going to watch. I really like watching this channel and it is on our television almost all the time.

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You Learn about Animals

You Learn about Animals Photo Credit: TheWorldThroughMyEyes

I have a lot of knowledge on animals. It’s not only from personally caring for them, but it’s also from watching channels, such as the animal channel.


Animal Precinct

Animal Precinct Photo Credit: TheWorldThroughMyEyes

This episode shows justice for animals – usually. They go around to houses working with reports they have gotten about abandoned pets, neglected pets and so on. Sometimes, you learn the pet got a new home, while other times, you watch the test they give the dog to see if they bite (poking a fake hand at him while he is eating) and if they fail, then it’s no good. However, you will sometimes find justice and get to hear what kind of punishment the owner got. It can be sad, yet at the same time joyful to watch.


Cute Creatures

Cute Creatures Photo Credit: Memory Lane Studios

Okay, how can I forget about the cute creatures that we always get to see on Animal Planet? You never know what type of cute critter you are going to get to see when you are watching animal planet.


Caesar Milan

Caesar Milan Photo Credit: puck90

Caesar Milan has some cool shows! He sure does know how to train dogs! He has a nice rehabilitation center and I love how he takes in pit bulls. I love his saying “you are the pack leader.” I loved his pit bull named Daddy. He died at the age of 16 in February of 2010. How sad.


The Kids Love It

The Kids Love It Photo Credit: luna.nik

One of the reasons I like to watch Animal Planet is because my little girl loves it. I like seeing her watching this channel and learning about kids.


It’s Fun

It’s Fun Photo Credit: meariane

Watching Animal Planet is fun to do and I don’t care who disagrees with me on this one. I usually do not like watching television, but this is one of the reasons I even turn the television on.


It’s Better than Watching People

It’s Better than Watching People Photo Credit: Natasha Ryan

I believe that watching animals is better than watching people. With animals, you never know what is going to happen. They are not acting – like people are.

Those are 7 reasons to love animal planet. Do you love watching animal planet? My pets, husband and daughter do!

Top Photo Credit: Memory Lane Studios

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