9 Advantages of Being Short ...


9 Advantages of Being Short ...
9 Advantages of Being Short ...

I wasn’t exactly blessed in the height department, being just under 5’3" tall. Sometimes this can be a bit of a nuisance, both in a practical sense and in how people treat you. However, being on the short side does have its advantages, and can make life a lot easier …

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Legroom Photo Credit: A Sutanto

If I feel a little cramped in airline seats, then what must it be like for someone who is 6’ tall? It’s the same story with theatres and cinemas – you must have noticed how some people have to sit with their legs at a sideways angle.


Less Dangerous

Less Dangerous Photo Credit: Meredith James Johnstone

I’ve never banged my head on a low ceiling …



Beds Photo Credit: Stewart

How on earth do taller people manage to sleep in the average bed? I find that there is little room between my feet and the end of the bed, so taller people must find it really difficult – and uncomfortable.



Help Photo Credit: Andy Arecco

People offer to help you carry things, or do it for you, as they think that a small person like you can’t manage it. Result – effort and sweat saved.


Getting Lost

Getting Lost Photo Credit: rileyroxx

While it can be annoying if a friend can’t spot you in the crowd because you’re so short, it also has its advantages. Supposing you see the very last person that you want to bump into; under those circumstances, being short allows you to get lost in the crowd.


Avoiding Charity Collectors

Avoiding Charity Collectors Photo Credit: Ms. Jen

I’m not talking about the collectors who volunteer and stand around shaking a can, but about the aggressive clipboard wielders who try to guilt trip you into parting with your bank details. Among the many tactics I’ve developed to deal with them, one of the simplest is to walk behind a tall person so I’m hidden!


Best of Both Worlds

Best of Both Worlds Photo Credit: www.urbanreinventors.net

Short guys like you because you don’t tower over them. Tall guys like you because they can feel protective and you tuck in nicely under their arm. So you appeal to everyone.


Youthful Looks

Youthful Looks Photo Credit: KY-Photography

Because being short is associated with youth (i.e, we get taller as we get older), people think that you are younger than you really are. I can say with utter smugness that people think I am much younger than my real age.



Clothes Photo Credit: Smooth Sailing Nancy

It’s easier to adjust clothes if they’re too long. Invariably I have to turn jeans up and hem trousers, but although this can be annoying, it’s better than everything being too short.

Still, there’s nothing you can do about your height (heels don’t really make that much difference), so tall, short or inbetween, be proud of your height! Are you very tall or short, and do you like it – or do you wish you could get a height transplant?

Top Photo Credit: Andrew_N

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Hey, I'm 5"1 and I found this article really amusing, especially the one about appealing to everyone :) It's true and I'm happy to be as tall as I am!

i'm just shy of 5' 3" and i have to agree with all of these. thanks alison :)

IM 5 ft 4 wouldnt call myself short but ALL of my friends are either my height or tower over me. I used to be the tall person and now im the shorty haha

Haha! This short lady finds this article awesome :)

lo you forgot to say that we get mentioned in a lot of rap songs "shortie"

Being 5''1 tall never bothers me at all.. I'd love to be under my man's arms. And yes, the point #8 is so true. People who first saw me never thought I was as old as my age =). Nice post!

Amusing one.

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