7 Reasons to Love Having a Pet ...


7 Reasons to Love Having a Pet ...
7 Reasons to Love Having a Pet ...

I have cats, rabbits, and a dog that I enjoy immensely. I can't imagine not having pets. My aunt and uncle treat their cats like children. I may not go that far, but I do love my animals. Here are 7 reasons to love having a pet, no matter what type you have. Some of my reasons apply to just about any type of animal, but others might apply to a cuddlier species.

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Always Happy to See You

Always Happy to See You Photo Credit: Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi

I have yet to come home and not be greeted by one of my animals. Even the rabbits will run to the fence to see me. Of course, these little guys are usually looking for a carrot or a banana, instead of a pat on the head or kind word. The dog, on the other hand, is absolutely elated that I've just arrived and can't contain her excitement at all. At least two of the cats come to the door and give a few enthusiastic meows before running to the kitchen for a treat of some sort.


Entertainment at Anytime

Entertainment at Anytime Photo Credit: edgarandron (busy)

I've had many moments filled with laughter from watching my pets. Whether it's the cats playing tag with one another, the dog chasing her tail, or the rabbits chasing the chickens, they definitely each make life very entertaining for me. Talk about cheap fun! I can honestly say that I laugh everyday, due to the antics of my pets. There is never a dull moment around here.


Helps You Live Longer

Helps You Live Longer Photo Credit: Gail S

Studies have been performed over the years that actually prove dogs and cats help people live longer. Petting them lowers blood pressure and taking care of them keeps a person more active. Dog owners tend to get more exercise than people who don't own dogs. I find it more fun to go for a walk with my dog than on my own. I even have one cat who likes to tag along too. We live on a dirt road with only two other houses nearby, so I don't have to worry about cars injuring me or my animals during our walk.


Learn to Have More Patience

Learn to Have More Patience Photo Credit: AKinsey Foto

If you've never had a child but have raised a puppy, then you might still know patience is a virtue. I think all pets tend to teach us how to be more patient, since you can't explain to an animal exactly why you cannot drop everything and do what they want. Raising a puppy takes a lot more effort, time, and patience than a kitten, by far.


Reduces Stress

Reduces Stress Photo Credit: Marite2007

This is definitely good for healthier living, since stress lowers the immune system and causes all sorts of other internal disorders. I always feel so much calmer when I'm petting the cat and he begins to purr. I like to sit on the porch with the dog and relax after a long day. She'll sit with her head in my lap and I can feel myself relax as I pet her thick fur. Petting an animal seems to be a quick way to take your mind off of most things that are bothering you, thus reducing stress.


Someone to Talk to

Someone to Talk to Photo Credit: Rejean Pellerin

I don't know about you, but I'm always talking to the animals. It isn't the same as talking to a person, since the conversation is often one-way. I might get an answer from time to time, but I have no way of knowing if it actually has anything to do with the question I asked! Of course, the conversations I have with the animals tend to revolve around me asking them if they are hungry or how they are and getting some sort of sound in return. Many times my husband has come into the room to see if company has come to visit.


Great Nap Partner

Great Nap Partner Photo Credit: raycluster

To me, there's nothing more enticing than a sleeping cat. I seem to be conditioned to want to take a nap whenever I spy a cat snoozing away on the bed or the couch. It makes me tired just seeing that ball of fur curled up. It's also extremely relaxing to snuggle up to the cat and have him start to purr. I love kitty lullabies!

I'm sure you have your own reasons for owning an animal. These are my special 7 reasons to love having a pet. I imagine I will always own a pet as long as I'm able to physically and financially take care of one. There is so much to be gained by having pets. What are some reasons you love having your pet or pets? Do you find that you seem lost when you are away from them?

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Thanks for listing reasons for owning a pet. Providing cats with proper deterrents such as a scratching post or mat will curtail them scratching up one's couch or loveseat. Good post.

Yes, they definitely love you unconditionally. They always sense when you are sad and try to cheer you up. I have a pit bull, Savannah Monitor, Russian Tortoise, Pacman Frog and a Bearded Dragon. They're all sweet animals and I could not imagine not having them.

They love you unconditionally!

How can one not love them? They are life joy! :-)

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