8 Reasons to Adopt a Pet from a Shelter ...


8 Reasons to Adopt a Pet from a Shelter ...
8 Reasons to Adopt a Pet from a Shelter ...

There are so many pets out there that are sitting in animal shelters just waiting for someone to come by and get them before it is too late. Yet, there are still many breeders out there breeding pets for the sake of money and we still have many who go for those breeders. You really need to think about the pets in a shelter, before you think about breeding other animals. Below, I am going to give you 8 reasons to adopt a pet from a shelter.

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Because You Are Ready

You are ready to get a pet. This is a good reason to go to the pet shelter. Of course, you need to study the pet you plan on getting and do your research before you get them so they will not end up in the shelter again.


They Need a Home

They Need a Home Photo Credit: jclutter

The pets that are in the shelter are in dire need of a home. Can you imagine just how many pets are sitting there waiting to be adopted?


You Need a Companion

You Need a Companion Photo Credit: G r e n

If you need a companion, then a pet is a good option. A pet from the animal shelter will make a great companion for you.


Shelters Have All Kinds of Pets

Have you looked at the shelters lately? They have all kinds of pets. You have lizards, dogs, cats, ferrets, horses and many others. You have a wide variety to choose from. If you choose a dog, then you have everything from little to big.


They’re so Darn Cute

When I walked into the pet shelter, it was sad seeing them stare back at me from behind those cages. They’re so darn cute and I just wanted to take them all home with me. Please, adopt a pet.


Reduce Pet over Population

Reduce Pet over Population Photo Credit: Kim The Star Princess

When you adopt from a pet shelter, you will be reducing pet over-population. Of course, you should have them spayed or neutered and most pet shelters require this.


They Don’t Deserve to Be There

They Don’t Deserve to Be There Photo Credit: Jackiem552

Those pets that are sitting there, behind those bars do not deserve to be there. None of them deserve it. Those pets that are put to sleep do not deserve it.


You’re Saving Their Life

There are too many pets that are being put to sleep today because someone found they could not take care of them, so they drop them off at the pet shelter. When you adopt one, you will be saving their life. It’s sad to think what could have happened to the dog you just adopted and it is even sadder to think about what is happening to hundreds and thousands of pets just because no one is adopting them – yet they go out and pay hundreds of dollars for a pure breed.

The next dog, cat or reptile I get will be from a shelter. Actually, if I get any pet, it’ll be from a shelter. Did you know that they even have mice and ferrets? So, if you want a pet, think about it and do your research. Find a good shelter. How many of you are with me on this?

Top Photo Credit: .suh-lest.

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I am completely with you on this! While pets at the pet stores will be sold eventually, animals at the shelter have a much more uncertain future! Adopt! You could be saving a life!

They really need a home and really really need a warm heart of yours.

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