8 Reasons Why Cats Are like Children ...


8 Reasons Why Cats Are like Children ...
8 Reasons Why Cats Are like Children ...

It’s often said that for single women, cats are a substitute for children. Yet in many ways, having cats is exactly like having children! They really do have a lot of characteristics in common … here are 8 reasons why cats are like children...

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Midnight Snacks

Midnight Snacks Photo Credit: Alesfra ?

You think only parents have broken nights? No, just like babies, cats wake you up in the night wanting to be fed. They have absolutely no respect for your need to sleep …


No Peace

No Peace Photo Credit: Tim Morgan

You will never be able to go to the bathroom alone again. If you shut the door, you will hear scratching/wailing outside, and in the end it will be easier to just leave the door open (unless you have guests who may walk past).


They Fight

They Fight Photo Credit: pictureclub_2000

I spend most of my time shouting, "Will you two stop fighting!" The cats do not listen any more than their human counterparts would.


What’s Your Name, Again?

If you have three or more, you will not be able to get their names right. When you tell them off, you run through every name before finally getting the right one. In the end you resort to calling them all by the same pet name.



Toys Photo Credit: fofurasfelinas

There is absolutely no use buying them expensive toys, as they ignore the toys and play with the packaging instead. Paper or boxes are all they need – I’m not sure if children chase string though.



Curiosity Photo Credit: edwindejongh

Both want to investigate the world, although show it in different ways. Children show their curiosity by asking embarrassing questions, usually in the most public place possible. Cats are equally curious, although they do daft things like getting themselves stuck in cupboards... or shoes...


Your Bed …

Your Bed … Photo Credit: Paul Iddon

…is not your own any more. Both cats and kids have a tendency to take over, so that you get squashed into a corner. At least with kids you can go and sleep in their bed if it’s big enough …


Making a Mess

Making a Mess Photo Credit: realityshow27

My cat knocked everything off the shelf (fortunately no breakables), and then looked at me as if to say, "What did I do?" Tidy houses are a thing of the past when you have cats or kids – both specialise in causing domestic chaos.

Still, at least there is one crucial difference – cats won’t want to borrow your car keys or ask you for money! What other factors can you think of that cats and children have in common?

Top Photo Credit: This_Is_Fruition

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Hahaha I have 4 cats at home!

And yet :3 I love mine

I have 7 Cats

I love my kitty! :)

haha this is so true! my kitten gives me that same face!

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