7 Things Your Dog Would Say if He/She Could Talk ...

I’ve always wondered what my dog would say if she could express herself in words. Sometimes I can imagine what she’s trying to say, especially when she’s being expressive with her paws and head nods as well. Here are 7 things your dog would say if he/she could talk and I’m sure you’ve already come up with a few of your own. I hope you enjoy these. I had fun thinking of them!

7. Where Ya Goin’?

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Photo Credit: D_Vas

My dog jumps up from her napping area on the front porch whenever I walk out the front door. I’m sure this would be the first sentence out of her mouth each time. She always has that look. You know the one. It’s sort of a quizzical look with ears up and tail wagging, like she’s waiting for her cue. If I go for a walk down the drive way, there she is. As I take the trash outside, there she is. It’s almost as if she’s expecting me to take her on some amazing adventure. Oh, don’t forget the tongue hanging out of the side of the mouth. It’s so hard to tell her ‘no’.

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