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I’ve always wondered what my dog would say if she could express herself in words. Sometimes I can imagine what she’s trying to say, especially when she’s being expressive with her paws and head nods as well. Here are 7 things your dog would say if he/she could talk and I’m sure you’ve already come up with a few of your own. I hope you enjoy these. I had fun thinking of them!

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Where Ya Goin’?

Where Ya Goin’? Photo Credit: D_Vas

My dog jumps up from her napping area on the front porch whenever I walk out the front door. I’m sure this would be the first sentence out of her mouth each time. She always has that look. You know the one. It’s sort of a quizzical look with ears up and tail wagging, like she’s waiting for her cue. If I go for a walk down the drive way, there she is. As I take the trash outside, there she is. It’s almost as if she’s expecting me to take her on some amazing adventure. Oh, don’t forget the tongue hanging out of the side of the mouth. It’s so hard to tell her ‘no’.


Look! I’m Cuter than That Cat!

Look! I’m Cuter than That Cat! Photo Credit: Michelle in Ireland

Annika, my dog, has decided that she can imitate whatever the cats do when they get treats. The cats can all stand on their haunches and catch chunks of cheese or whatever treat is coming their way. I’ve noticed that Annika will also hold this position and look expectantly for a treat. I’m fairly certain she’d utter these words in a heart beat, especially if she didn’t get a treat first.


Sorry about Your Shoes…again

Sorry about Your Shoes…again Photo Credit: Torri 479

I can always see the look of remorse on Annika’s face when I get close to the location where one of my shoes has met its demise. The ears go down, head sags, and her tail droops as far down as possible. I think she just gets so caught up in the moment that she forgets what she’s doing. Thankfully she’s only maimed two pairs of shoes in her two years of life. The other few were just tortured a bit, but mostly with incessant licking.


Oooo, Ooo, Pet Me First!

Oooo, Ooo, Pet Me First! Photo Credit: Laurie York

As soon as I start talking to one of the cats, Annika gets between us and rolls over on her back. With her feet in the air and fuzzy belly exposed, I’m sure she’s trying to tell me to pet her first. She’s sort of an attention hog. What dog isn’t? These words are probably what she’s thinking when I come home from being gone all day too. She’ll nearly trip me as I try to make my way to the house. Again, feet in the air, but this time she drops down right in front of me so I have to stop. Of course, she knows it works every time!


Why Does He Get to Stand in the Kitchen?

Why Does He Get to Stand in the Kitchen? Photo Credit: colorblindPICASO

Our kitchen is small and Annika is a big dog, so she’s not allowed in the kitchen when I’m cooking. I just know I’d end up taking a digger with a platter full of food or spilling hot water on her and me both. Whenever I tell her to leave the kitchen, she looks at the cat on his bed in the corner and then at me. I’m sure she can’t understand why the hairy little menace gets to stay and she has to leave. Poor dog. She’s usually content if I give her a treat on the front porch, as an apology of sorts.


Hurry up!

Hurry up! Photo Credit: gebodogs

I’m waiting for the day she actually says this to me. She’s pretty good at ‘talking’ in husky in the mornings and sometimes it sounds like she’s saying words. If you have a Siberian or other chatty type of husky, then you know what I’m referring to. Annika’s very verbal in the mornings when I don’t get the dog food in her bowl fast enough for her liking.



More! Photo Credit: algo

Well, as of yet, this single syllable word hasn’t been uttered in English yet. I’m sure ‘Rarrr, roorrrr, rooorrr’ might be ‘more’ in Annika’s language though. This is what she says each time she doesn’t get something as fast as she think she should. I guess this could also be translated as ‘now’ as well. I’m sure both of these words would be in her vocabulary for sure!

If you talk to your dog often, then you and your dog have probably come to understand one another already. In this list of 7 things your dog would say if he/she could talk, there are a few my dog already tells me in her own special way. I’m kind of glad she isn’t able to communicate with words. I just know she would spend most of her time tattling on the cats who pick on her! What are some things you think your dog would say to you?

Top Photo Credit: ucumari

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on #3, the dog has my name! i don't know if that's something to be proud of or not...

Aw i love this so much! My dog Obi is exactly the same and just loves attention - he's such a wee worrier. Whenever i get out the car he moves to the front seat and as i come back and shift him, he looks at me as if to say 'what?! This is my seat!' It's so easy to love dogs :)

Your post definitely reflects what I observe on dogs. So cute, sweet and lovable. In our house we have so many cats but personally speaking I will always prefer dogs. Dogs consider humans as their masters unlike cats who consider themselves as the masters. :) Anyway I'm still wishing that someday I will have a dog again, a big black dog. Hmmm...

Me and my dogs share such a bonding that we almost talk for an hour everyday.It is the way i spend my time. Right now I am telling them about this post.

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