7 Things That Make Me Laugh ...


7 Things That Make Me Laugh ...
7 Things That Make Me Laugh ...

Living with a comedian and teenagers with an odd sense of humor, I always find myself laughing at something. Besides the silly clan of individuals I live with, there are also other things that I find humorous. Here is a list of 7 things that make me laugh. It’s always good to know what makes you happy, don’t you think?

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The Way My Rabbits Chase Each Other around the Pen

I have three rabbits that live in a giant outdoor pen. There is an 8 foot fence surrounding the pen and large flat rocks of assorted sizes inside. Dirt, straw, and the occasional branch for the rabbits to gnaw on are the main components of this large rabbit pen. On cool days and early in the evening, the rabbits can be seen chasing one another around the pen at full-speed. They leap into the air off of rocks and land next to one another. It’s amazing at how high they can jump when startled as well!


Humorous Bumper Stickers

There truly are some ingenious ones out there. I love seeing funny ones while I’m waiting for the stop light to turn green. One of my favorites is: ‘An Apple a day keeps Windows away’. I get a kick out of bumper stickers that use play on words to create a humorous saying. One that my neighbor has on her car says, ‘Wrinkled was not one of the things I wanted to be when I grew up!’. This one always makes me giggle when I see it.


Pictures of Animals in Silly Poses

A few different websites have cats, dogs, and other animals doing their normal animal things, but sometimes the camera catches them in the perfect position to make the picture even more interesting. Some examples of what I’m referring to can be found on Lolcats on the icanhascheezburger website. These are always able to make me smile and sometimes they are funny enough that I send them in an email to family and friends!


Typos on Signs

I get a kick out of looking at typos found around the world on various signs. There are plenty of online collections made by people who have taken pictures of signs that have misspellings or ones that lose something in the translation and seem hilarious in another language. All you have to do is search for ‘misspelled signs’ in any search engine and you will find plenty to keep you laughing for quite some time.


Things Little Kids Say

I can recall being entertained by many things heard coming from the mouths of little kids. They say some of the funniest things. Sometimes they misunderstand something that is said. This can be noticed when very small children are just learning the words to a new song. I’ve heard many renditions of songs sung by little kids that are absolutely hilarious!


Witty Comebacks

You can call these one-liners if you like, but whatever they are called, I like them! Occasionally I can come up with some good ones when joking around with my sisters. It’s so hard to remember all the ones I hear. The most recent one that I’ve heard was said to someone who was being rather annoying. The person being annoyed said, ‘I’d love to help you out. Which way did you come in?’. It’s best when the timing for these comebacks is perfect, it seems to make them even funnier!


Jokes That Aren’t Cheesy

I like a good joke that actually makes me laugh and not just roll my eyes at the punch line. Living with teenage boys means there are plenty of jokes being told. Some of them are really good, but most are teenage boy humor and they usually get a groan or an eye-roll to accompany the groan.

I’m sure some of these 7 things that make me laugh are also ones that many other people find humorous. I think it’s necessary to laugh as much as possible. Actually, there have been studies done on laughter and the results show that laughing is very good for you! What are some things that make you laugh without fail?

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My pets.

Cartoons, my students's answer papers....

the things that little kids say are probably unbeatable.:) And can they get any cuter?

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