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8 Best Smalltalk Topics ...

By Melanie

Smalltalk is hard for many simply because they do not know of many topics. Well, right now, you are in luck, because I am going to give you some ideas on smalltalk. Prepare yourself to read 8 best smalltalk topics and if you feel the need to write it down, please do so.

8 The Setting

When striking up smalltalk, many individuals choose to talk about the setting they are currently in. If it is raining outside, then you can strike up a conversation about the rain and how much you like the rain. Perhaps there is something playing on the radio and you really like the song? You can strike up a conversation on that.

7 How the Day Has Been so Far

This is a great conversation starter. In fact, I believe it is one of the best on the list. It is easy to ask someone how their day has been so far, then as they are explaining their day to you and how it has been, you can easily go from there.

6 A Compliment

Now, mind you, don’t go making it one of those corny compliment and definitely do not turn it into a sexual compliment. You could always give them a good compliment on their smile and take it from there.

5 Upcoming Plans

Another good conversation started would be the upcoming plans. Now, with this one, you have to be careful as to not get too nosy. Asking too many questions in the beginning is never a good idea. With smalltalk, you can’t get too personal, unless they do.

4 Childhood Dreams

What exactly did you want to do as a child and how has that changed? Did you get to conquer any of those dreams or did they just fade away? In my opinion, I think this is a good smalltalk conversation.

3 Something Interesting from the News

Is there something that is interesting in the news? Is there something going on in your area? Current events have always been good conversation starters. So, what is going on in the world today that interests you? This will also allow you to see the opinions of the other individual.

2 School/Work

Perhaps, for smalltalk, school or work would be a great topic. Is there something you enjoy right now about school or work? If so, take it from there.

1 Movies You Have Watched

Many individuals can relate to movies, right? Sure, you may not like the same genre, but surely, you have watched movies that the other has watched. You may be lucky and start talking to someone that enjoys the same genre as you. For example, both my husband and I like horror movies. So, what movies have you watched recently? What were your opinions on them?

In my opinion, those are 8 best smalltalk topics that you should add to your list. Of course, there are many other wonderful topics to talk about with someone you barely know. In fact, if you have any topics you would like to see on this list, please post it now.

Top Photo Credit: Desirée Delgado

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