7 Humor Websites I Love ...


7 Humor Websites I Love ...
7 Humor Websites I Love ...

Whether you have an hour to kill and desperately need some entertainment, or you’re specifically looking for gales of giggles, humor websites are the way to go. But how can you tell which are worth the clicking and which are just plain boring or dumb? My dear, I can help. I’ve wasted more hours than I care to count at several hilarious (and dull) humor websites, and I know which are which. Here are 7 humor websites I love…

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LOLCATS I love this site! It’s such a good way to waste a half an hour, giggling at cute, grammatically inadequate kitties (or, as they would say, “kittehs”). Their ultimate goal? World domination… and a cheezburger, of course. There are also very funny videos, too…


the Onion All satire, all the time — I love The Onion! If you’re lucky enough to live in Chicago, you can pick up a paper copy of The Onion, but the rest of us have to settle for the website. Both are loaded with phony news stories, including one about Detroit being sold for scrap and Bard College being named the nation’s biggest dinner party school. If the stories we’re funny enough, the photos and graphs make them even more hilarious.


Texts from Last Night Ribald, raunchy, and really, really funny, Texts from Last Night is a website devoted to just that — the wickedly funny private messages we sent each other while drunk, or just bored, last night. Most of them are littered with sex, drugs, alcohol, and cursing, so it’s not at all something you’d want your kids to read… but it’s HILARIOUS. A current text from area code 410: “Since you haven't talked to me since the rancid whipped cream fiasco, I'm going to assume we are no longer hooking up. But I need my handcuffs back. ASAP.”


People of Walmart On this site, people have surreptitiously taken and posted (then captioned) photos of other shoppers they encounter at the fashion Mecca we know as Wal-Mart. The photos are hilarious, mostly because the shoppers are so disgustingly weird… or just disgusting. Creepy guys in drag, women in jeans so tight their butts are toppling out of their waistbands, both of these and more…


Totally Looks like This is another of the “cheezburger” affiliates, only this one compares a photo of a celebrity to a photo of someone, or something, they “totally look like.” Today, I see that Britney Spears totally looks like Miss Piggy, Nicole Richie totally looks like a Sleestak, and Clark Kent totally looks like Superman. And they do!



Cracked Sort of like The Onion, only not entirely satirical, Cracked shares lists of all kinds of funny stuff, like “5 Myths About the Military You Believe Thanks to Movies.” It’s not as raunchy as The Onion, either, but it’s still not something you want the little ones seeing. Especially the zombies. Shudder.


Funny or Die Wow, I didn’t think it was that serious! But the site is pretty funny, and very well put together, with plenty of poking fun at celebs and regular folks alike. There’s even a tribute to Angry Birds, the all-time most addictive iPod/iPhone game ever made. I love it!

These are the humor sites I have bookmarked so I can get to them quickly when I have a little time to kill and need a laugh. I adore the LOLCATS and the Texts from Last Night are so funny! Which of these funny websites makes you laugh the most? Or is there another one you like more? Please share!

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hahaha! I checked each one. ;) Really made my day

I also like College Humour.

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