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As much as I adore SpongeBob, it’s nearly impossible for me to believe the show has been on for more than ten seasons. It’s still funny, and I still love the plot lines and characters. In fact, as some of the characters have developed over the years, I’ve started to see myself and my friends in some of them — I’m a total Squidward. As different as they are, they’re all so funny, too… here are 7 hilarious SpongeBob characters.

1. Squidward Tentacles

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Image source: Katy Star

I am a total Squidward, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. He’s straight-laced, sort of nerdy, loves tea and books and art… and he listens to public radio. Of course, I wear pants, and don’t work as a cashier in a fast-food restaurant, but other than that, we have a lot in common. Squidward may be boring, but he’s hilarious, and often it’s because of his extreme “refinement.”

2. Sandy Cheeks

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Image source: unitedspongebob.com

While it seems unlikely that a squirrel would ever find her way to the bottom of the sea, you don’t know Sandy. She’s an inventor, a fearless Texan, a girl who loves Pantera music and all sorts of action. She’s tough, but cute, and she’s so very funny!

3. Eugene Krabs

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Image source: thecartoonpictures.com

Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob’s boss, is cheap. Extremely cheap. This gets him into all sorts of trouble, most of which is hilarious. He also has a long-running contest with Plankton, a crush on Mrs. Puff, and — somehow — a teenaged whale for a daughter. I adore his pirate-y accent, too.

4. Patrick Star

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Image source: myspongebob.ru

As sweet and kind-hearted as Patrick is, he’s just not terribly bright, which is why he’s so funny. He and SpongeBob together make me laugh so hard I cry. There’s not a mean bone in Patrick’s pink body… possibly because he’s a starfish, and they don’t have bones.

5. Gary the Snail

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Image source: thecartoonpictures.com

Many of my favorite SpongeBob episodes feature his pet snail, Gary. I love the episode where he runs away, and the one where he teaches SpongeBob how to tie his shoes (who knew a snail could have such great taste in shoes?). His simple “meows” translate into all sorts of things, many of which only SpongeBob understands.

6. Mrs. Puff

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Image source: ivstatic.com

Poor Mrs. Puff is SpongeBob’s driving instructor, and his complete lack of skill makes her a little crazy. It’s these lengths that she goes to in order to try to pass him (this getting rid of him) that are so funny. She’s sweet, though, and she never tries to discourage him.

7. Plankton

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Image source: theanimationblog.com

This tiny one-eyed villain wants one thing in life — to steal the krabby patty secret formula from Mr. Krabs. But not matter how devious and clever his plans are, they always fail, with hilarious results. I love his computer wife, Karen, too… and the back-story with him and Mr. Krabs.

8. SpongBob Squarepants!

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Image source: toonfind.com

Well, of course SpongeBob himself has to make the list! He’s the funniest of all of the characters, with his innocence, sweetness, and good nature. Has he ever lost his temper? I can honestly think of only one episode… and even that was hilarious!

There are also a range of really support characters (like Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy), and even guest stars, but these are by far my favorites… which of these SpongeBob characters do you think is the funniest, and why?

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