7 Funny GEICO Commercials ...


7 Funny GEICO Commercials ...
7 Funny GEICO Commercials ...

Like millions of other Americans, I watched the Super Bowl this month with great interest, but not to see any football — I wanted to see the commercials! I love commercials, especially funny ones, and though this year’s batch wasn’t the most hilarious, I did laugh at a few of them. I use the GEICO commercials as a scale, comparing other to them to see how they rate, funny-wise. Why? Because most GEICO commercials are hilarious! Here are 7 funny GEICO commercials.

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GEICO – Piggy

I feel Mrs. A’s pain in this hilarious GEICO commercial. Indeed, yes, the little piggy (Maximo) does cry whee-whee-whee all the way home… and it gives his driver, Mrs. A, a headache. Sorry, Max, but if I would have been driving you home, you wouldn’t have made it two blocks before becoming tasty bacon.


GEICO – Woodchucks

Hey you dang woodchucks! Quit chucking my wood! All of the guys I know chose this one as their favorite, and I love it too! It’s another in a long line of hilarious GEICO commercials… and I have to admit, I love the sassy little woodchucks!


GEICO – Therapist Sarge

This is my favorite GEICO commercial. It’s hilarious, and it makes me laugh every single time I see it. The best line? “Why don’t we just chug on over to Mamby Pamby Land and see if we can find some self-confidence for you, ya jack wagon!” Both roles are perfectly cast… the Sarge does make a terrible therapist… especially, I suppose, if the color yellow makes you sad.


GEICO – Randy Johnson

I would never, ever agree to a snowball fight with Randy Johnson… which is probably what makes this GEICO commercial so funny. And, wow, I forgot how tall he is… it’s good to see him working again… and apparently he still has quite an arm.


GEICO – Important Email

Yes, another funny GEICO commercial, this one with the Gecko. I’m with the grey-haired CEO on this one — where does Gecko keep his cell phone and wallet? I don’t see a marsupial pouch, or a fanny pack, or even a man (or Gecko) purse.


GEICO – Mistaken Identity

Poor Stanley, whoever he is! The Gecko handles this one with grace, not embarrassing the poor girl or himself. I’d definitely buy insurance from him… or at least get a quote, to see if GEICO could save me 15% or more on car insurance.


GEICO – Bird in Hand

I admit it: I used to love watching the Antiques Roadshow, which is why this GEICO commercial is so funny to me. The woman’s reaction to the expert’s analysis of her “hand” and “bird” is dead-on… what a hilarious spoof!

So far, I haven’t seen a GEICO commercial that didn’t make me giggle at least a little, and most of them are down-right hilarious! I’m always excited to see the new ones, so I actually subscribed to the GEICO channel on YouTube… which of these funny GEICO commercials do you like best, or is there another one you like better? Please share!

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