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7 Funny Arguments on the View ...

By Lyndsie

The View is ... well, the View is something all on its own, isn't it? Through all its cast changes, there has always been one staple: drama. And that drama is often quite hilarious. Don't get me wrong, a lot of the arguments and fights on The View are incredibly poignant, and they revolve around very important and salient points – but drama is drama, and it gets funny. That being said, check out these 7 arguments on The View, and see if you don't agree.

1 Whoopi & Joy Vs. Bill O'Reilly

This got really famous, really fast. My dad … watches Bill O'Reilly all the time (don't judge!), so I got a firsthand seat for this … several times over, because Bill replayed the footage about 49583408349085 times on his show. What do you think? Do you think Whoopi and Joy were right for walking off? This blew up really fast and really hot – but then, many of the arguments on The View have this kind of bottle rocket intensity.

2 Elisabeth Vs. Kathy Griffin

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that Kathy Griffin pushes a lot of people's buttons. And she apparently pounded the crap out of Elisabeth Hasselback's – not that pushing Elisabeth's buttons is necessarily hard to do. Anyway, comedians make fun of people. That is what they do. Kathy is used to people taking offense to her jokes … and hilarity ensues.

3 Joy Vs. Anyone Who Likes Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin pushes a lot of buttons as well – even when she's not around. And Joy Behar, well, she gets into a lot of little spats it seems like, doesn't it? This argument ends up revolving around Joy and Elisabeth. Forgetting the subject matter, the rumble is just the best. They all know how to get under each other's skin.

4 Joy Vs. Elisabeth

Palin is also at the heart of this argument … which also takes place primarily between Joy and Elisabeth. I'm beginning to see why these two have never had their jobs on the show in jeopardy, aren't you? As long as they continue sniping like this, they're never going anywhere!

5 Whoopi Vs. Non-Smokers

Whoopi wants to smoke. She's very, very passionate about it. There are actually several rants and arguments on this subject, most of them Whoopi driven. I love Whoopi though. With some exceptions, I love the way she expresses herself – and let's just say I kind of feel her on this topic.

6 Everyone Vs. Elisabeth

Uhm. Wow. Elisabeth just … she seriously does get owned, y'all. Like, she gets owned five weighs to Sunday. Maybe even more, I lost count. I do know that it was like a feeding frenzy on The View. Politics always bring out the best in people.

7 Whoopi Vs. Octomom

Ahahahaha! This is awesome. This is just … this is awesome. This is why I worship Whoopi Goldberg. Okay, it's not really a argument, but look, it's funny, and it's a rant, and you know it led to some drama, and that's enough for me. Awesome sauce comes from Joy: “Every time she did that, I thought she was gonna pop out another baby!” More sauce from Whoopi: “She sounds like Tom Hulce in Amadeus. That's all I could see, was Tom Hulce going HEEHEEHEEHEE!”

Ohhh, that made me happy. I don't watch The View all the time, but when I hear about some drama, I am so there. What about you? Anybody watch it regularly?

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