8 Most Blissful Moments ...


Ever had one of those moments where you just feel SO happy? You must have done! It’s a wonderful feeling, and is often provoked by something really simple. There are some things you just can’t buy, or that cost very little, but give you one of those blissful moments. How many of the following have you experienced?

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I Love You

Is there anything to beat that feeling when someone says ‘I love you’ and you know they really do mean it? Whether it’s from a partner, or a child, hearing those words makes you feel happy, secure and wanted. And being able to say it is lovely as well – we don’t tell people we love them nearly as often as we should.


Baby Snuggles

I can still remember holding my niece not long after she was born, and the smell of the moisturising lotion that had been used on her. For years afterwards I used that lotion as hand cream because it smelt gorgeous and reminded me of that ‘baby cuddle’ feeling. Aren’t they just beautiful to snuggle into?


Cat Lap

Cats may not smell quite as pleasant as a newly-washed baby, but it’s a lovely feeling when they jump onto your lap (even if they know how to anticipate the moment when you’re just about to get up and do something). It’s especially lovely when they do it for the first time, as you know they trust you, and stroking a purring cat is so relaxing.


Chocolate Heaven

Mmmmm, Belgian chocolates do it for me. It has to be the fresh ones though, as they’re the best. Unwrapping a new box, selecting the first one, and feeling it melt in your mouth … Yes, chocolate definitely has an effect on the brain’s chemistry …


Warm Bed

With many of us feeling the chill of winter at the moment, snuggling up in a nice warm bed is definitely a blissful moment (or several). Just think of that wonderful feeling when you realise it’s the weekend and you can stay wrapped up in your cosy quilt all morning if you want to.


New Book

There’s something particularly enjoyable about settling down with a brand new book that nobody else has read. It’s even better when it’s a book that you’ve really wanted to read for a long time. The covers are so beautifully designed these days that it’s part of the whole experience of choosing and enjoying the book.


Lying on Grass

There can’t be one person (unless we have readers who live in the desert) who hasn’t enjoyed the simple bliss of lying on grass and feeling the sun on their face. When many of us live in cities, stretching out on the grass in the park is a simple and delightful way of relaxing in a natural environment.


Bath Bliss

Switch all phones off, light some candles, fill a glass of wine and take a long, blissful soak. Beautiful, isn’t it? Having some time to yourself is so important, and most people find a long, hot, relaxing bath so enjoyable.

There are surely many more blissful moments, so share with us what makes you feel really happy!

Top Photo Credit: Sator Arepo

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I love the warm bed plus the new book. Best moment ever! However, I think the cat should be changed for your pet since not everyone likes cats.

I've an allergy to chocolate that makes me feel like if I couldn´t breathe.

Ohhh...so blissed.

All Awesome Moments...Truly Blissful...:))

Everything you mentioned are blissful moments alright.. would be nice to have those everyday

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