10 Funny Things That Children Say ...


Every parent could write a book about the funny things their kids say. They really do come out with some crackers, don’t they? Here are some I’ve collected from friends and family.

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About Mom ...

About Mom ... ‘Mummy! You’re going to burst!’ Said by my nephew aged 3, to my heavily pregnant sister.

Photo Credit: CiaoChessa


About Pins ...

About Pins ... On getting pins and needles – ‘My hand is all fizzy …’

Photo Credit: Lydia Elle


About Nanny ...

About Nanny ... ‘I took flowers to my nanny’.
‘Ah, that’s nice’.
‘Yes, nanny was in a box, and we put them on the box’. Okaaaaaay ……

Photo Credit: simply colleen


About Camping ...

About Camping ... Child 1: ‘I’m going camping in the holidays’.
Child 2 (sad face): ‘I’m not going camping’.
Teacher: ‘Maybe you can go camping another time’.
Child 2 (shakes head): ‘No, I’m only going to Mauritius …’

Photo Credit: Erinisfunky


About ABCs ...

About ABCs ... Picture the scene. Children staying with grandparents. Bedtime comes. ‘Goodnight A … goodnight B … goodnight C …’
‘Grandma, you are not my friend!!’

Photo Credit: Dr. Levis


About Daddy ...

About Daddy ... Fish tank leaks over the floor, child treads in it and says ‘Mummy, the floors all wet, Daddy wee'd on it didn't he, naughty Daddy!’

Photo Credit: Saint Seminole


About Boogers ...

About Boogers ... Mum and child go to the bank, lady behind the screen blows her nose, child says ‘you've got boogers haven't you, look (sticks finger up her nose) I've got boogers too see!’

Photo Credit: Tresijas


About Sad Mom ...

About Sad Mom ... Child to upset mother: ‘Just be happy Mum, and party on!’
Photo Credit: JoLiz


Private Parts ...

Private Parts ... 4 year old girl: ‘Here are my boobs, ta da (flash), here is my bum, ta da (flash)’. Fortunately this incident did not occur in public.
Photo Credit: Opus104


About Pain ...

About Pain ... Two year old niece hurts herself and runs in crying. Her mother asks where she hurt herself (meaning on the body). Niece points at next room. ‘There!’

Photo Credit: sonerxyz

So what little gems have your kids come up with? Have your parents ever embarrassed you by repeating funny things you said as a child? Do tell ...

Top Photo Credit: Dr. Levis

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kids say the darndest things don't they? lol i love babysitting cuz the things they say sometimes ... hilarious lol

nice post;) by the way i live in mauritius:D

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