8 Things to Never Tell Your Parents ...


8 Things to Never Tell Your Parents ...
8 Things to Never Tell Your Parents ...

I’m going to go ahead and spill the beans about my age before this article gets any further. I’m a teen myself, so any of you other teens out there reading this don’t have to wonder if this is just one more way an adult can tell you what you should or shouldn’t say. I hope you have the kind of parents you can confide in and go to with anything. But there are a few certain things you should never tell your parents, and here they are!

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I Hate You

I Hate You Photo Credit: Doodiee Amante ?

This is the number one thing you should never, ever say to anyone, but especially not to your parents. No matter how they treat you or what they say to you, you should try your very hardest to not feel hatred towards them. At the very least, even if you do, try not to voice it or show it to them.


You Just Don’t Understand

You Just Don’t Understand Photo Credit: UnAnGeL#_#

Ok, I’ll admit, times have changed and there are probably some new challenges and pressures out there to deal with for teens than what our parents dealt with. But times haven’t changed THAT much, and given, your Mom or Dad may have never been in your exact position, but they WERE a teen once and they probably understand a lot more than you credit them for. Try discussing the problem with them and showing them your point of view and see if that helps a little.


How Could You Be so Unfair

How Could You Be so Unfair Photo Credit: PinkZebra {tabby}

Before you judge your parents as being unfair, stop and look at the reason you feel this way. Obviously, you must have done something to warrant their anger or a punishment, so ask yourself if you are the one being unfair before you judge.


You Can’t Tell Me What to do

You Can’t Tell Me What to do Photo Credit: j.h.andersen | emotion.pictures

As long as you live under your parent’s roof, you are obligated to do what they tell you. And even after you move out, you should have respect enough to at least listen to their opinion. If you decide not to heed their advice, you can find a more respectful way to tell them than by using this phrase.


Just Leave Me Alone

Just Leave Me Alone Photo Credit: Katja Kleinert

Think about what you say before you say it. What if one of your parents literally left you alone somewhere? I understand there are times when you need some space or really want your parents to back off about a certain issue but using this phrase to get there won’t help matters. Be polite, it will get you more than being disrespectful will.


I Don’t Need Your Advice

I Don’t Need Your Advice Photo Credit: wendyyalas

Something that all of us need is advice. You will never be too old for advice! And whether or not you actually heed that advice is another story, but do refrain from telling one of your parents that you don’t need his or her advice. Besides hurting them, it will hurt you because they will never forget that comment and the day may come when you really do need their advice and they may not give it.


I Don’t Care What You Think

I Don’t Care What You Think Photo Credit: Pedro Leardin

So maybe you don’t care what they think. Maybe you don’t care what anyone thinks. But there’s no need to say it especially in such a careless manner. You risk hurting people’s feelings and making yourself look ugly and prideful. And your parents should be the first people whose opinion matters!



Gifts/Surprises Photo Credit: ex.libris

A bit humorous, but still true! If someone’s planning a surprise party or has a special gift for one of your parents, don’t spill the beans! Watch out what you say and keep it secret! Then you will be as excited as they are just to watch them receive the surprise!!!

Always try to have respect fro your parents and their authority and opinions. I know this is difficult sometimes, especially if you don’t agree on a lot of things. But the good news is, you can always agree to disagree! Can you think of anything else you should never say to your parents?

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