10 Things You Wish to Control but Can't ...


10 Things You Wish to Control but Can't ...
10 Things You Wish to Control but Can't ...

People have always had the need for control. We will always have the desire to have power over the many things in our lives. We create rules and set boundaries. We try to hold our authority on things whenever we can. But as much as you want to be in control of everything, there are just some things escape your controlling hands.

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Nature Photo Credit: Tonia Aquila

You may be on top of Nature’s food chain, but you do not have power over Mother Nature. The natural events that occur in our world are unpredictable and cannot be controlled.



Traffic Photo Credit: doug88888

You can decide what mode of transportation to take and what time of the day to travel. But in reality, you cannot control how the traffic will turn out on a particular moment.



Economy Photo Credit: shotbart

It is hard to control the factors that affect the economy especially if the whole world is involved. You can wish all you want for better exchange rates and a booming economy, but you don’t really have control over how the market will turn out.



Time Photo Credit: AXEHD

I’m sure you often wish to be able to go back or forward in time. You may want time to speed up, slow down, or stop. But unfortunately, that is not possible. You cannot control time. You can only choose how you utilize it.



Minds Photo Credit: drbakker

You can state your opinions and influence people to some extent. However, you do not have the ability to have control over other people’s minds.



Feelings Photo Credit: catklein

You can figure out people’s emotions as much as you want, but you cannot control how they feel. The only thing you can control is your reaction to their feelings.



Beliefs Photo Credit: Laurie York

Everyone has been bestowed with free will and they can choose what to believe. You can assert your own beliefs on other people but to control their beliefs is something you cannot do.



Attitudes Photo Credit: Ibai Acevedo

You cannot control how people approach life and their problems. Their attitudes are things that they alone can change and control.



Ethics Photo Credit: *Cinnamon

People learn their ethics from their years of experiencing life. Don’t aspire to control their ethics. If you have a problem with the way they accomplish goals and do things, then you have a choice to stay or go.



Politics Photo Credit: Orfield Photography

Politics is a very messy business. People will always take sides and they will try to enforce their power over others. You cannot control the politics of other people. They will side with who they think is best for the world they are trying to create.

I understand why people need to have some control over their lives. In this constantly changing world, control can somehow give you comfort and a sense of certainty. However, you are not alone in this world; other forces and people are also part of the course of life. There will be things that you simply cannot control and you need to find a way to accept that. Just keep in mind that while you cannot control the world, you can control your own thoughts, actions, and choices.

Top Photo Credit: Suemar Éverton

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