7 Types of People I Hate ...


7 Types of People I Hate ...
7 Types of People I Hate ...

As I grow up (read: grow old), I start noticing more and more negative traits in people. Enough to make me wonder… Am I becoming meaner and more intolerant? Or, I’m actually becoming wiser and less subjectable? That’s why I’ve decided to make a list of things I hate in people, hoping you could give me an honest answer. Here are the types of people I used to tolerate before and hate now:

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”It’s All about Me”

“Me, me, me! Everything is always about me and, if you happened to be a part of my solar system, you’ll just have to work on your rotation.” You can be friends with this attention junkie, but have in mind that this friendship will last only if you are ready to listen and listen only. This person will keep you as a pet in times of boredom and then disappear for a few days or even weeks when things start to get interesting somewhere else. This egomaniac will point out that you two are the best of friends and act jealous if you, God forbid, start replacing him with a more suitable friendship candidate. How to get rid of this pain in the bum? Adopt a positive, “personal-success-story” attitude and use every chance to say how happy or successful you are at this moment.


“Victim of Life”

A true masochist that actually enjoys being miserable! This person spreads negative energy, complains about every single thing and uses its “hard life” to justify his/her behavior, decisions and actions. Don’t expect a pat on the back if you, by any chance, get a promotion, find love or decide to get married! In fact, be prepared to feel bad for your newfound happiness! This type of a person will insist on the fact that you’re “so lucky” and that “it’s easy for you” because you are “beautiful/rich/popular/smart/whatever fits”. You see, everything good that has ever happened to you has nothing do to with your hard work, devotion, honesty – it’s pure luck! He/she has never had the chance to experience such thing so you should actually feel bad for having the guts to mention anything about your happiness!


Professional Excuse Maker

In its worst form, this person is a parasite whose only goal is to find someone to live off. Don’t even bother to ask why, there is a pretty good excuse for such a choice. You see, professional excuse makers really want it all – degrees, careers, families… But, something unforeseen always happens and ruins their chances for success. An excuse-maker can be, and often is, a victim of life too. He wanted to go to college but his family didn’t have the money to pay for that. He really wants to earn for his living but, you see, all those jobs pay too low. He wants to settle down but women/men are so evil these days. His pet died, his eyelash broke, he’s not in the mood…


Powerful, Influential and Full of Complexes

This person has been a troubled teen and grew up into an even more troubled adult. If your wellbeing anyhow depends on the courtesy of this individual, you might as well sold your soul to the devil. These people were usually bullied in school and, now, they will take it out on you. Why? Because they have the power to do so.


Mr. or Mrs. Knot-it-all

This person will give you lectures on how to raise your kids or live your life while insisting on the fact that he/she knows how to handle “those things”. Your every word or action will be a subject of criticism and snide comments. Your food is terrible, your kids are rude, your husband looks unhappy and he/she knows why. Because you’re no good.


Friendly Gossiper

Your friendly gossiper is ready to trade a lot of other information in exchange for just one about your life. Yup, this may sound as a great deal but have in mind that the information you give will never be presented to others in its pure form. A friendly gossiper is incredibly talented in making fictional and yet quite believable stories and yours is being made as you speak. The moment you turn your back on him, a sweet friend becomes a gruesome enemy and everything you said gets a soap-opera-like twist. “You did a great job and got promoted to senior manager” becomes “You had to sleep with three higher hierarchy levels and your bedroom skills have finally paid off”.



Narrow-minded and great at jumping to conclusions, this person will have a new name figured out for you before you even get the chance to utter the one your parents gave you! If this person ever get elected for president, everybody will have to have insulting nicknames stamped on their forehead – Kind of like Jewish people in the World War 2. If a labeler is your colleague/friend, you can turn him around and get away without a label. However, you’ll have to listen to him making rude comments about others and that, in my opinion, sucks even more!

Am I mean or strange for trying to distance myself from these types of individuals? Do you know people that fit some these descriptions, too? If so, how would you handle them? Would you even try to handle them or would you stay away, wishing they could just disappear?

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I had a friend who fit in #1 and #2. I'm always the LISTENER and then one time I got full of it. I decided to ignore her because I'm starting to get annoyed. She thinks she's the most unlucky person in the world. And when we got into a fight, she told me I don't understand what she feels because I'm like this and like that! Duh! Does she owns all the problems in the world? I have problems, too! Is it my fault if I'm living my life more happily than her?

This is so stupid. I don't like people that compare others and act like elitist assholes. Have you been violently assaulted by a man? No. Maybe you shouldn't make comments about women who don't trust men. Have you had your mother die? Let's hope not. Because from what you write in your post, you'll have to be back in work at 9 am sharp the next day, not another word about it. You are an emotionless robot. Death is a part of life and most vital thing to be compassionate and understanding about. Death shapes people.  Has your child died? No? So, don't tell people how they should and should not handle it. Death is not an excuse. It's normal human experience.  Allow people to grieve you senseless, inconsiderate bitch.

I hate fakers... and people who talk about stuff they don't know as they know it... plus all of this in the list... good list :)

#Death often makes people stronger.  Don't insult them, because it changed them.

"Narrow-minded and great at jumping to conclusions, this person will have a new name figured out for you before you even get the #chance to utter the one your parents gave you!" ---- You, this entire garbage article.

I think you are going to hate me as I almost ALL of them.*sobbing*

Love this I see these people all the time

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