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7 Annoying Things People do on Facebook ...

By Melanie

Social networking sites can be really useful because you can keep in contact with someone living over the other side of the world, without racking up an extreme phone bill. However, sometimes people go over the top with there use of these sites so here are 7 annoying things people do on Facebook …

7 Writing Messages on the Public Wall That Are Personal

Writing Messages on the Public Wall That Are PersonalPhoto Credit: Blue dreams

Many people tend to write really personal messages on their and their friends public walls. There seems to be no boundaries into people’s lives. Sometimes the personal messages are not taken that seriously because other people assume that they are not genuine and just seeking attention.

6 Posting Picture Immediately after a Night out

Posting Picture Immediately after a Night outPhoto Credit: MINT ICETEA

For some reason lots of people feel the need to post pictures, on the website, of their night out immediately afterwards. In my opinion it is as though they have to show everyone that they have a social life and that they went out, also that they had a good time.


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5 Complete Lack of Spelling and Grammar

Complete Lack of Spelling and GrammarPhoto Credit: Mark 8:34 Photography

I think that pretty much all of us Facebook users have seen numerous messages on Facebook where there is no grammar and the spelling is hideous. In general the messages are shortened and single letters and numbers are used for words. Some of these messages are extremely difficult to decipher.


FRAPEPhoto Credit: Laughing Squid

This is where one of your friends or someone you know leaves there account signed into unattended, you then hop onto their computer and enter a really stupid or rude message into the status bar. Again, just like tip number three a lot of people seem to spend hours doing this and they end up changing their entire friend’s profile.

3 Poke You Non Stop

Poke You Non StopPhoto Credit: psylum

Some people must have nothing else to do because they log on to Facebook and then sit there for hours poking their friends. In a lot of cases this is non stop and can go on for hours, if their friend is not poking them back then they should not continue to constantly poke that person. Even if the friend does poke back, what is the point of keeping this poking session going for the next hour?

2 Reveal Their Entire Life Story

Reveal Their Entire Life StoryPhoto Credit: Express Monorail

Often you will find that in the status bar people reveal everything that they do, every single step of their lives. This is really not necessary, of course if you are happy about something that has happened then let your friends know but you do not need to keep posting something new every minute.

1 Add People They do Not Know

Add People They do Not KnowPhoto Credit: danny st.

In my opinion I will never understand why people add people as friends that they do not know. The whole point of Facebook is to stay in contact with people that you know, it is not really there to go scrolling through people’s profiles adding them randomly. Also, in a lot of cases when a random person is added and they accept, no conversation happens between the two. It is as though they are only added to increase the number of friends that they have.

There you have 7 annoying things people do on Facebook. This social networking site can be very useful, as mentioned above, but at the same time it can be annoying if overused. What do you find annoying?

Top Photo Credit: röy (stuck in beginner stage)

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