10 Things Never to do in Public ...


10 Things Never to do in Public ...
10 Things Never to do in Public ...

Though it's good to be comfortable in your surroundings here are 10 Things Never To Do In Public. Seems these days like the difference between right and wrong many don't know the difference between time and place. I'm sure everyone has seen people do all of these or may even be guilty themselves... how embarrassing!

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Talk to Yourself

One thing not to do in public is talk to yourself. So you forgot something and suddenly remembered, that's wonderful! However, do you need to announce it to the world? So you're trapped in a sticky situation and aren't sure what to do and need time to think about it. Again, wonderful, however, do you need to go over it aloud in front of everyone on the train? In front of your fellow employees? No. Talking to yourself in public just makes you look crazy. It's best to keep silent and keep yourself from being rumored to be that girl who sits there and talks to herself.


Pick Your Nose

Another thing that most people should never do in public is pick their nose. Sure it's annoying when you don't have a kleenex or something's peeking out of your nose, this does not make it excusable. Toilet paper is a wonderful replacement for kleenex and can be found in every bathroom. Do not pick your nose in public. Not only is it disgusting it also provides many others with laughs.


Go to the Bathroom

Another thing that guys are more frequently guilty of than girls you should never do in public is pee. Guys think it's okay to go along the side of a building and pee, or in an alley. It's not. As of lately girls themselves have been guilty of this crime, indecent exposure! If you're drunk and need to go to the bathroom you hold it or find a public bathroom. Peeing outside is unnecessary and not to mention unsanitary and again a ticket for indecent exposure. Also, it being unhealthy to hold it when you have to go is not a justifiable excuse for peeing outside. Have a little self control!



One thing you should never do in public that tons of people are guilty of is adjusting yourself. So you got a new bra or a new pair of underwear that don't fit or don't want to work with you. Go somewhere no where can see and adjust your girls. Do not pull your thong out of your butt crack in front of everyone. Sure your comfortable being yourself but really no one cares to see it. Guys if you need to adjust yourself shake a leg! Things like this are really just best left without a witness.


Change Your Kid's Diapers

One thing that mother's think is okay to do that you should never do in public is change your kid's diapers. Most bathrooms these days are equipped with a table for you to change your kid's diaper. Call me crazy but with the world today and all the sickos in it I would never want to expose my child in public. Go to the bathroom, go in the stall that has the changer table. If not go in the backseat of your car and make sure there aren't a lot of people walking around. Not only should you not expose your kid you should really think about what may be in that diaper that other people may not want to smell.


Groom Yourself

Tons of women in particular are guilty of this thing you should never do in public. Groom yourself. If you need to do your makeup or brush your hair wake up 10 minutes early to make sure you get it done. No one likes when someone they don't know is brushing their hair next to them and receive their fly aways. If you're one of those people who like to brush your teeth after every meal in the public bathrooms try not to do it when the bathroom is crowded. No one likes to wait on their break for someone who's busy brushing their teeth spitting into the sinks we all use to wash our hands. Carry gum...


Pass Gas

Now one thing to never do in public that just about everyone is guilty of is farting. Sure it's natural and sure it just happens sometimes. That's excusable. For the rude people who just sit there farting aloud giggling about it thinking that others are okay with it because it's a natural body function they're not. No one wants to smell your bodily functions. If you can make it not obvious sure, go ahead. If you can make it to a bathroom or a spot where no one is around. Again, who wants to smell other people's farts?



Though sometimes people get a laugh out of it one thing you should never do in public is argue. Whether it be your mom, dad, boss, co-worker, or boyfriend/girlfriend keep your arguments between you two. It's good to understand a time and place for things. If you and your boyfriend are arguing let it wait until you get home. No one wants to hear people screaming at each other on the bus on their way home from work or while they're shopping in the store. Arguing in public and embarrassing eachother is only going to add fuel to the fire and make you both more angry.



So you want to be the next American Idol? How about adding singing to one of those things you should never do in public. Whether you have a great voice or not most people don't care. If they cared you would be singing for money or in a coffee shop or bar entertaining people. I'm not talking about karaoke either. I'm talking about the people who sit there with their headphones plugged in singing aloud so that everyone has to hear.


Do Not Stare

The last thing you should never do in public but of course not the least important is stare. Do not stare at people. Staring at people is rude. A glance at someone is different from a stare. The people who sit there staring at a hot guy/girl practically drooling are not going to get attention back. When people realize they're getting stared at it makes them uncomfortable. You also risk the chance of them confronting you about it. If you see someone with a ridiculous outfit on, don't stare. Who knows what their situation and style may be and we're all entitled to our own opinions but keep em' to yourself for the sake of being polite.

After reading my list of 10 Things You Should Never Do In Public I'm sure everyone is sitting there remembering a time you've committed one of these acts or remember a friend or someone on your way home committing one of these acts. Sure they're not going to land you in jail (except for the peeing in public), or make everyone hate your guts, but they are rather embarrassing and things people won't tell you not to do to your face. Are there any other things you can think of not to do in public?

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Adjusting.... Oh boy.

These are all just common sense things you should NEVER do! An if you don't already know not to do these things...something wrong with you!

I sometimes talk to myself even in public specially when I am too bored.:P

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