7 Things Not to do when Kissing ...


7 Things Not to do when Kissing ...
7 Things Not to do when Kissing ...

Kissing is always fun to do – I still remember my first kiss – I think those are things that you will never forget. My husband and I like to talk about our first kiss (with each other, of course). Kissing is romantic and it can really set the mood. Of course, there are some things that you should avoid doing or saying when the two of you are engaged in this intimate moment. Below, I am going to give you 7 things not to do when kissing …

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Don’t Charge with Your Tongue Sticking out

This one could actually gross the person out. Instead, put your lips together, then insert the tongue. I know, it sounds funny, but that is how it is done. This way, we don’t actually see the tongue.


Don’t Keep Pulling Away

Of course, this if you want to be kissed. If you don’t want to be kissed, then you pull away and if that doesn’t work, smack them. Now, if you actually want to be kissed by that person, then don’t keep pulling away.



People hate it when you push too hard, shove your tongue down their throat and don’t give enough oxygen. You should do it gently and give room for oxygen. While I said do not keep pulling away, there is a time you need oxygen, so use that time to gently kiss the neck.


Don’t Make Jokes

While you are kissing and in an intimate hold, don’t keep making jokes. I think this is a bit childish and guys could get turned off by this one. Especially, if you are making jokes about saliva or something gross.


Don’t Belch

Oh goodness, if you feel that you are about to belch, please don’t do it in their mouth. By all means, ignore number 6 and pull away before you belch!


Don’t Pass Your Gum

Unless your partner specifically asks for you to give the gum from your mouth to their mouth, don’t do it. This could totally gross them out.


Don’t’ Say Someone else’s Name

While you are kissing, I know things get in the heat of the moment, but you should avoid saying someone else’s name. You definitely should not say your ex girlfriend or boyfriend’s name. Also, don’t go and mention how they used to kiss – this is not the time or the place to do something like that and sometimes, things are better off not said.

Those are 7 things not to do when kissing. If you do these things, then your partner may not respect you so much the next time the two of you kiss. They may also try to avoid giving you kisses from then on out. Oh and as a reminder, before you kiss, make sure you clean your nose, because you would hate to introduce your partner to whatever may be inside your nose. I think I about covered it – do you have a terrible kissing story you would like to share with us?

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number 2 ROTFLMAO :D

Herm... They seem to have forgotten the most important rule which is to make sure you don't have bad breath or any remnants of your last meal in your mouth or between your teeth. Nothing makes for a nicer kiss than if you use mouthwash then brush your teeth first.

my first kiss was kinda cute...v were in relationship from 3 months but neva kissed. Weather was so pleasent on that day n we were talking about something, whilst talking he suddenly stopped me by putting his finger on my lips,pulled me to his side and kissed me softly. i was wondered initially but i liked his aroma n the way he kissed. i carried out with the kiss

I remember my first kiss. I was so confused as to what to do. The guy asked to kiss me, and I had told him yes. But once we finally started kissing I didn't know what to do! He was amazing at it, so I just kind of followed his lead. After awhile I got the hang of it, but it was still embaressing. He said it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't great.

What do you do when you want to kiss someone but you dont know if they want to kiss you?If this would happen to me,it would be my first kiss and I want it to be REALLY cute and romantic....WHAT DO I DO!! help!!

I liked the top photo.

I love this, you ladies on this site are so great at writing! I hadn't thought of half of these things, so hilarious!

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