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5 Things I Wish People Wouldn't do on Facebook ...

By Meream

I love Facebook. I love that it has helped me reconnect with old friends. I love that it has a good amount of farming games (I seem to be drawn to those). My contact list is comprised of people I actually know; I don't go around adding strangers up. But some of these people do things on Facebook that simply annoy me. Call me too old for social networking but these are things I wish people wouldn't do on Facebook:

1 Click on Links That Are Obviously Spam

Click on Links That Are Obviously SpamPhoto Credit: Shereen M

There is no such thing as a free lunch. On Facebook, there is no such thing as a free iPad (or Macbook or any cool gadget you can think of). These are scams; apps or links that either contain malware or are meant to gather important information from your computer. I wish people would know not to click on those "OMG, This Girl Went Ballistic When Her Father Posted blah blah blah" videos, too. This is one of the things I wish people wouldn't do on Facebook because it affects security. They should know better.

2 Post Gory Photos

I don't know about you but some people think it's fun to post photos of actual surgical operations, murder scenes, or people that have been hit by vehicles on their wall. I have hidden several friends from my wall for doing this. I'm not easily disgusted but unless that gory photo is followed by Dr. Brennan and Agent Booth bickering, I do not want that on my wall.

3 Virtual Public Display of Affection

Virtual Public Display of AffectionPhoto Credit:Constantine Belias

Oh, there is always that couple... They spend their waking hours poking each other on Facebook. Early in the morning, girl says to boy: "Hi, baby! Time to wake up. I love you." Lunch time, boy writes on girl's wall: "Hi, babe, have your had your lunch? Hope you're having a great day. I love you!" They exchange virtual PDAs at least 10 times in a single day; they fill your wall with every little cheesy thing they can think of saying to each other. Now, I am not against public displays of affection but seriously, they should stick to SMS. No need to announce to the whole world that you're a perfect couple, geez.

4 Ask Others to "like" Photos

Ask Others to "like" PhotosPhoto Credit: MailChimp®

Now this is just ridiculous. This is one of the things that I wish people wouldn't do on Facebook because it's just downright annoying. It's pretty much asking for approval or fishing for compliments. I hate those!

5 Tag Me on Their Photos

If I am not in that photo, do not tag me. That is what the tag option is for. Again, this is a way for some people to ask for "likes." I have noticed that wannabe photographers are the ones who always tag me on their supposedly awesome photos. I often have to stop myself from saying "your editing made the model look like a cyborg." I take the high road and just remove the tag. *sigh* quite stressful, really.

So yes, yes, I am a bit of a killjoy. I am pretty sure though that some of you agree with me here on some points. Tell me, what things do people do on Facebook that you find annoying?

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