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There’s always one in the crowd, isn’t there? You know the ones I’m talking about. The gal at work who insists on wearing an outfit that causes the guys to turn their heads towards her and the women to roll their eyes as she walks by. I think there’s a time and a place for everything, clothing styles included. Here are 7 office wear no-nos that you might want to avoid. It might be a good idea to steer your friends clear from making any of these mistakes too!

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Sheer Dresses While Wearing a Thong

Nice. Right? I just don’t see how women can think this looks good. I’m sure a few are completely oblivious to the fact that the skimpy black thong is nicely outlined right through the dress. I also know that a few enjoy the commotion this type of outfit stirs up in the office. This is fine for the beach, but respectable clothing should be worn in the workplace.


Cut-off Shorts

Daisy Duke can wear these anytime she wants, but you might want to leave yours at home. No matter how comfy they might be and whether you are male or female, leave them in the dresser drawer for wearing on the weekend. Jorts (jean shorts) aren’t work attire, unless you’re self-employed and at home.


Shirts That Gape in the Button Area

I have a phobia of gaping button-up shirts. Thankfully, I always check to see what I look like before heading out in anything. I noticed one day that the shirt I had on severely gaped where it buttoned over my bra. How embarrassing would it be to have someone point out that fashion faux pas?! If I have even a faint fear of my shirt deciding to do a gaping trick, I wear a camisole under it to avoid a peepshow.


See-through Clothing

Black bra and a white shirt? Big no-no. Any dark undergarment worn under a white or very light material is bound to show through. This goes for pants and skirts as well as blouses. I always think of the movie ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ when someone mentions see-through clothing. It might be suitable for work in a movie, but most employers want their workers to have a bit more class when they dress.


Tight Fitting Clothing

This kind of outfit might be better suited for hanging out in a dance club or going out with friends some night, but not for the workplace. There are plenty of ways to have form-fitting clothing that accentuates curves without looking trashy. Tight fitting pants that look like they might burst if you have to squat down to pick up something might be a big hit with the guys, but could get a frown from the boss. Same goes for painted on shirts.


Low-cut Tops

Showing a bit of cleavage is acceptable in some circles, so you’ll need to know what the consensus is at your workplace. However, too much cleavage can give the wrong impression. If you really like that cleavage-bearing top, save it for Friday night when you go out on the town, but don’t wear it to work.


Super Short Skirts

You have to sit down sometime. Extremely short skirts severely limit your mobility too. If you plan on standing all day like an action figure, then you might be able to get away with wearing a short skirt. Most jobs require at least some sitting down. It might be more comfortable to wear something that you don’t constantly have to pull down to cover your bum.

I’m sure you already know what not to wear in the workplace, but it never hurts to put a list like this out there anyway. These 7 office wear no-nos surely aren’t the only ones that people can think of. What is something you’ve seen a coworker wear to work that should have been left at home?

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Don't have any of those problems where I work, we wear an office uniform which makes life a little simpler.

Ok, jake? You jerk.

Gaping shirts are easily fixed with some clear plastic snaps. They do the job and are so tiny it's practically impossible to notice them.

Screened tees. Don't get me wrong, I like them, but I don't think they're okay for a workplace.

Hmmm. You basically named all of the awesome kinds of office wear. *Full disclosure: I'm a guy.

What about a tank top with no bra?

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