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8 Things You Shouldn't Compromise on ...

By Mercy

Our lives are full of compromises. We compromise to sustain our romantic relationships, to advance our careers, to provide for our children and to achieve our life goals. And, yet there are some values that we should never compromise on to remain true to ourselves. Let’s look at what are these things you shouldn’t compromise on.

1 Don’t Compromise on Self Respect

Respect is one of the most important foundations of any relationship, even in the relationship with yourself. If you do not respect yourself, you will never be able to respect anybody or anything else. That is why self respect is one of the most important things you shouldn’t compromise on.

2 Don’t Compromise on Integrity

It is crucial to maintain integrity in your role in life to maintain self respect. Whatever roles you play in your life, whether as a spouse, a parent, an employee or a friend, it is important that you keep your integrity in that role.


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3 Don’t Compromise on Loyalty

Loyalty is one of the most important values to have. Whether it is your family, your organization, your circle of friends or your country, it is important that you remain loyal to it and not betray its interests.

4 Don’t Compromise on Discipline

The very purpose of disciple is defeated if you compromise on it. Whether it is your studies, your work, your training or just your hobby, you will never be able to achieve your goal if you compromise on discipline, and this is why it is one of the most important things you shouldn’t compromise on.

5 Don’t Compromise on Your Beliefs

This can encompass a wide range of beliefs, including religious, moral and ethical beliefs. Your beliefs make you who you are. While I am not advising you to be rigid and unchanging, it is important that you don’t feel as if you are doing something that is against your beliefs.

6 Don’t Compromise on Honesty

It is not for nothing that people say that honesty is the best policy. Even if it seems like a lie is a good way of getting out if a tricky situation, in the long run, it is always honesty that comes to your rescue.

7 Don’t Compromise on Your Humanity

There are many things that make us human like compassion, empathy, civility, ability to forgive, etc. These are unique qualities of human beings and it is these qualities that make us distinct from the rest of the life on this planet. Your humanity is one of the most important things you shouldn’t compromise on.

8 Don’t Compromise Your Personal Safety

This advice is especially targeted to the youth. If you are out on a date and want to have fun, or whether you are being dared by your friends to do something outrageous, never compromise on your personal safety. Your life may depend upon it.

These are some of the most important things you shouldn’t compromise on. By following this, you will find that you are more stable as a human being and that people around you like you, respect you and look up to you.

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