7 Things Not to Share with Your Boyfriend ...


7 Things Not to Share with Your Boyfriend ...
7 Things Not to Share with Your Boyfriend ...

When it comes to relationships, there are always boundaries. Whether you like it or not, they are there and it is your job to make sure you don't overstep yours. I don't believe you should ever intentionally hide anything from your man, but there are a few things you should never share with him. Read on to discover what they are!

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Your Bodily Functions

Yea, everybody farts. And everyone has to go poop. And shockingly, every person in the world has belched at one time or another. But men like to think of us as ladylike and feminine. After all, isn't that what attracts them to us in the first place? So don't give any raunchy details about your period or your stomach flu. Save all that for your diary!


Your Girlfriends' Secrets

This really is a no-brainer. Your friends confide in you and expect you to keep that confidence. After all, they do the same for you, right? So keep their trust intact. You have no idea how hard it is on a guy to hear us dish about all the latest gossip when all they want to do is rest after a long day. And if the secret you are telling is one of your close girlfriends who happens to have a boyfriend that your man sees everyday, it may be hard for him not to let it slip.


Your Toothbrush

Yes, I know you kiss him and you both drink from the same glass occasionally. But we live in a civilized age and hygiene is a little more obvious now than it was 200 years ago. Toothbrushes only cost a few dollars. Buy your own!


Your Password

Unless you both share an email account, or you're married, this is a big no-no. Giving him your password may encourage him to "check up" on you, and all that's going to do is raise insecurities on your part and feelings of distrust on yours. Not good for a healthy relationship. Plus, he may find out about the surprise party you were planning him for next weekend!


Your Dislike for His Mother

There will always be a few of us who can't stand or get along with our in-laws. But that doesn't mean you should give him a highlighted, detailed list of the 492 reasons why every time you have to be around them! He may feel pressured to choose between you, or he may get aggravated with you and put a strain on your relationship. If the problem is too big to be ignored, gently state your case. If he doesn't see it your way, give him some time and in the meantime, learn to bite your tongue and keep your cool.


Your Insecurities

If you think your thighs are too fat, your hair is too curly and your teeth are too crooked, try to refrain from bringing it up every 3 to 4 hours. Men get tires of hearing about our horrible bodies. He thinks you are beautiful. He's with you isn't he? And if he accepts you, you can certainly accept yourself! Besides, you drawing attention to your "flaws" may make him notice it when it never really stood out before.


Your past...in Detail

While it's never OK to lie or hide your past from someone if you are in a committed relationship, it's also not OK to tell your significant other how many times a day you kissed each one of your exes or give him the livid details of what you and your girlfriends used to do to get back at all the guys who broke your hearts. Guys just don't need to know that sort of stuff. They always wonder if they measure up or if you regret choosing them. Don't give him reason to wonder!

You CAN have an open, honest relationship with your man. All you need to do in order to achieve it is be kind and thoughtful and think about what you say before you say it! Do you ever share things with your sweetie that you probably shouldn't?

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I also don't agree with the bodily functions one. I think a relationship is at it's best when both partners can be completely comfortable around each other without being self concious about whether they appear to be good enough. My boyfriend TRIES to make me fart because he thinks it's hilarious.

If you really are insecure about something, there is no reason you cannot share this with a significant other. He/she should be able to help you get over whatever issue you might have. This advice sounds more like a way to deceive someone into liking you rather than building a solid, trusting relationship.

am so impressed with this, i have violated some of this rules before though, but am just 18, so thanks to this b'cos am not gonna make same mistake in my next relationship....

Numbers 1 and 5 I'll call BS on. If he's going to belch in front of me, then guess what, I sure won't make myself uncomfortable for him if he won't do the same. I may be leaving the realm of femininity but in the time I lived as my birth gender, not once would I risk trying to hold in a burp, fart or any of that and making myself feel sick because of another people. It's a natural bodily function, if someone can't handle that and are going to judge you on the fact that you had a gassy buildup causing uncomfortable and possibility painful pressure to your internal organs then you might want to reconsider how worth it they actually are. Hell, that goes for them expecting you to fit into a stereotypical box as well. With number 5, hey, if your in-law's a B**** then guess what. If you don't speak your mind then you're just making yourself submissive. Now be sure what you do say about her you'd have the guts to say to her face as well, talking behind someone's back is cowardice, so be sure you also have the gull to say it to her as well as him. Why should a woman have to listen to a man speak ill of her mother if she feels bound to treat his with nothing but utmost respect. It's a two way street, male, female, intersexual, transsexual, it doesn't matter, two people in a relationship need to be on equal footing otherwise the relationship is going to fail when all those held back hostilities come out in one burst. Now the rest of this list, the rest I can agree with, the insecurities thing is a 50/50, but it is human nature to have insecurities, just don't make them the center of your life.

First time posting here, but Some of these (as a guy) Im calling bull on, like I met a girl didnt go out with her because Im afraid of girls (No that doesnt mean im gay) but anyways when I was younger I was in a fire, alot of people died, and she was in a similar incident, when she told me that (In detail) I trusted her and told her mine it was like a anvil off both our shoulders, after she said that I knew I could trust her. Hence the first girl Since I was 10 I could be comfortable around, and touch and etc. But the point was that if your past is brought up then its ok to talk about it unless they say otherwise, in a good relation ship you should be able to say "I dont want to hear about the death of your famly it might cause problems"

I'm a guy, in a long happy relationship... Point made I assume, believe me this article is a perfect description of what Most (if not all) normal, heterosexual, and western raised men really think! The one frequent exception could possibly be the sharing of sexy secrets of your best friends cuz who knows you might bring one home one day, guys fess up don't deny it!!

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