8 Kinds of Neighbors You Don't Want to Be ...


8 Kinds of Neighbors You Don't Want to Be ...
8 Kinds of Neighbors You Don't Want to Be ...

Sometimes it can be very difficult living next door to people because we all have different backgrounds, different morals and outlooks on life. Here are 8 kinds of neighbors you don’t want to be.

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Always Turning up Unexpectedly

Always Turning up Unexpectedly Photo Credit: saikiishiki

Another type of neighbor is one that always turns up at your door unexpectedly and invites themselves in for a drink and a chat. They never seem to get the hint that you are busy and seem to stay for hours. In this situation the majority of us always pretend that we are out and do not answer the door.


The Unpredictable Neighbour

The Unpredictable Neighbour Photo Credit: isayx3

Then you have the type of neighbor whose mood swings give you whiplash. One minute they are pleasant and a good laugh when you speak to them and the next they appear to be the evil twin. You never know how to react to them because you never know whether they will be happy and cheerful or rude and abusive.


A Neighbor That Rubs Success in Everyone’s Face

A Neighbor That Rubs Success in Everyone’s Face Photo Credit: striatic

Some neighbors like to really rub their success in everyone’s face and this is the type of neighbor that you should not aim to be. They will repeatedly tell you what their income is and expect you to congratulate them on all their achievements, including the brand new flash sports car. This is the type of neighbor that most people dislike, they are happy for people’s success but not if they rub it in constantly.


Grumpy Neighbour

Grumpy Neighbour Photo Credit: Mattijn

There will always be that one neighbor that is really grumpy, the slightest bit of noise and they will start an argument with you. This is not the type of neighbor that you should aim to be because most other neighbors hate them, they moan at you about almost everything and will even tell you what plants should be in your own garden.


Leave Your House to Ruins

Leave Your House to Ruins Photo Credit: Ronaldo F Cabuhat

This is the type of neighbor that can really devalue property or a neighborhood because they do not look after their garden, the exterior of their house or the interior. Potential buyers may look at this type of house and be put off, especially if the neighborhood is a rather good one. Therefore it is important that you try to maintain your house as best you can.


Abusive and Rude

Abusive and Rude Photo Credit: kimmychau

You do not want to be a verbally abusive, or physically, neighbor because this type of behaviour is not necessary. If your neighbor has done something to upset you, when you talk to them about it you should not be rude, try to maintain politeness.


Noisy Neighbour

Noisy Neighbour Photo Credit: orangeacid

Most people can tolerate a neighbor having an occasional party, such as a birthday or Christmas party. However, if a neighbor constantly has their music blaring or are shouting at the top of their lungs it really begins to grate on the other neighbors. In my opinion there is nothing worse than being woken at two in the morning by a hyena laugh.


Curtain Twitcher

Curtain Twitcher Photo Credit: kristabear

Nobody like the curtain twitcher, the really nosy neighbor that stands behind the curtain peeking out and watching your every move. This type of neighbour will just stand and stare at everyone and is the type of person that most people go out of their way to avoid.

There you have 8 kinds of neighbors you don’t want to be or, for that matter, live next to. Hopefully looking at this list you will see that you are not one of these neighbors but if you are you may be able to see what effect your behaviour has on your neighbors.

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