8 Things You Should Never Say to Your Man ...


8 Things You Should Never Say to Your Man ...
8 Things You Should Never Say to Your Man ...

If you are in a relationship and you like the way it’s going then there are a few things you should never say to your guy. Men are like little toddlers, they lose interest very quickly and as soon as you come across as needy, whiny or clingy, they’re going to hit the road. Here are 8 things you should never say to your man.

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Do You Think She is Pretty?

If you ask your man this question, you’re sending him to the gallows. If he says yes, then you’ll probably get jealous or ask him an even more difficult question like ‘is she pretty than me?’ If he says no, you’ll think he’s lying and wonder what else he lies about. Finally if he really convinces you that he doesn’t find her pretty and she actually is, you’ll start worrying what his bad taste says about your looks.


When Will I See You Again?

This is one of the clingiest questions you can ask a guy. Get a hold of yourself. If he likes you, you will see him again. If he doesn’t like you, he’s not worth your time.


Did You Sleep with Her?

Does it really matter if he slept with her? Notice the focus on the past. Does he need to know all the guys you slept with? All that matters is whether he’s sleeping with her now so this is definitely one of the things you should never say to your guy.


It’s Just a Game (when Talking about a Sports Event)

When your guy is hooked to the TV, sitting on the edge of the couch hoping against hope that his team wins the game, he’s obviously not going to like it if his girlfriend tells him ‘it’s just a game’. Yes, he is immature but then all guys are so you might as well either join him or stay away until the game’s over.


I Sound like My Mom

Men generally live in fear that their women will either get old and ugly or worse, become like the detested mother in law. So when you tell him you sound like your mother, you’re bringing his fears to life.


Do I Look Fat?

Once again, a question that will almost certainly lead to a fight. If he’s honest and says ‘yes’, you’re either going to hit the roof or spend hours changing. If he says ‘no’ you’ll think he’s lying. Basically if you think you’re looking fat, change or live with it, but don’t torture your guy.


I Just Broke Wind

Men have yet to face the reality that women are human beings with the same bodily functions as theirs. It’s best not to break their bubble. They will probably never see you in the same light so make sure you lay off the brutal honesty.


My Ex-boyfriend Used to do the Same Thing

Talking about your ex means one of two things, you’re still hung up on him or you’re very angry with him. Either way the ex is affecting your relationship so stay off the ex factor and work on the present. Plus no one, including you likes to be compared to a previous lover.

Throughout your relationship it’s best to accept that men are fragile and immature little boys. It’s easy to keep things smooth sailing as long as you take a few cues from this article and stay off the things you should never say to your man.

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Couldent help noticing the repeated referances to men as childish untill you learn to respect men as your equal you should stay away from them all togeather. We are human beings just like any one not second class citizens to be judged by our bodys.

I find it surprising how many comments there are on articles around from girls saying they fart in front of their bfs. I don't even in front of my family. D: Little lone my bf.

I don't care if my bf knows I fart I'm not gonna spontaneously combust for him lol

this is hilarious but so true i love it :)

So... I'm guessing this applies to people in short term relationships? I've been with my guy for almost three years. Just moved in together and I'm happier than I've ever been. However, we are extremely honest with each other. We accept that we're both human and make the occaisonal mistake and neither one of us is perfect. We have told each other just about every thing about one another. It keeps the honesty there and the trust. Not all men are childish just like not all women are insecure and nit-picky. However, I totally agree with #8. If you start comparing relationships, it's time to move on.

The insecurities of women are unbelievable :P I am even guilty of some

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