10 Things That Could Spell Danger to Your Child ...


10 Things That Could Spell Danger to Your Child ...
10 Things That Could Spell Danger to Your Child ...

You can call me a protective parent all you want, but that is perfectly fine – I don’t care what you think on that, because I know that my little one is safe. I let my little one branch outside of Disney movies to semi-scary movies. Why? Because I want her to know that things aren’t all Disney-like, I want her to know that there are bad people out there. Below, I am going to give you 10 things that could spell danger to your child …

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Walking Home Alone

Walking Home Alone Photo Credit: NMB Jordan

Why would you let your little girl or boy walk home alone? I have heard of abductions involving letting the little girl walk home from school. This is a big mistake – every day – someone could be stalking your child, waiting for that perfect move.


Taking Candy from a Stranger

Never take candy from a stranger and never talk to a stranger. Teach your children that strangers equal trouble. They should never associate with a stranger, unless they are a police officer and they know they are a police officer.


Being on the Computer without Supervision

Being on the Computer without Supervision Photo Credit: {{tinkα's fαiяytαlє}}BUSY

Being on a computer without supervision will definitely lead to something bad. I was always watched over on the computer, because the first time I wasn’t, I got into trouble. I’m not going into this, but never let your children be unsupervised on that computer.


The Beach

The Beach Photo Credit: Cuba Gallery

While the beach is fun for kids, you should not let them be away from you. There are sharks, jellyfish, and rip current. So, parents, don’t let your kids run around at the beach without you by their side.


Whole Hot Dogs

I know, this is strange, but so many kids and adults choke on hot dogs! When you are giving a wiener to the little one, you should cut it up first. Always supervise the child when they are eating.


Antidepressant Drugs

Why would you give a child antidepressant drugs? I don’t know, but I have heard many cases of this. Even taking antidepressant drugs as a young adult can harm you. They could do the opposite and make you even more depressed.


Not Watching Your Child

Not Watching Your Child Photo Credit: PaulBW

Come on, you should always watch your child. When you have a little one, you should not let your guard down. All it takes is one time of letting your guard down.


The Bathtub

The Bathtub Photo Credit: Concorde Hotels Resorts

The bathtub is a dangerous place for a child to be unsupervised. Did you know that adults even get hurt in the bathtub? When you take a shower, you can fall. The child could also drown in it.


A Big Snake in the Home

I am all for reptiles – I have many, I love them – I even had a little ball python, but I do not have him anymore. You should not have big snakes in your home, especially not with the proper locks. The snake could get out and kill the child. This happened in Florida and now, Burmese pythons are banned in Florida.


Parents Who Drink

If you are a parent and you bring alcohol into your home, then this equals danger to your child. I have my own reasons behind this. Drinking around kids is no good. What if something happened to that child while you were drunk? What would you do? You would live with regret. Plus, your child seeing you as an alcoholic would make them think it is okay.

Those are 10 things that could spell danger to your child. You should never let your guard down. Also, bad babysitters could spell danger to your child. You should make sure you check out the babysitter before you leave the child with them. Also, riding in a vehicle without proper restraints is dangerous – I still have my 6 year old in a car seat and she is not allowed in the front seat. What other things are dangerous to children?

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I totally agree with everything you say. It irks me to go to a store and see little ones dashing across the parking lot unsupervised. My 7 year old grandson knows to stay right next to me. I once saw a woman come through our drive-thru and she was holding a baby that was not any older than a couple of months in front of her. If she would get into a wreck or have to stop quickly she could kill the baby by squashing them with her chest into the steering wheel.

dont let them be alone with lesser known friends or relatives.

Oh God, I really, really, REALLY hate when parents let their 10 and under kids to walk home alone! It's absolutely ridiculous! Sure, you only live a couple blocks away but come on! It's not that difficult to find a teen or adult to walk with them home if you're busy! While in high school I would walk some of the younger kids home for free because their parents had to work. Honestly, it's not that hard to find someone and it could save your child's life! And don't get me started on letting young children bathe themselves... ALONE. x_x

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